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Shopping in the Dark

Sometimes, if I can’t sleep or just want a late stroll after supper, I quite enjoy window shopping at night time.

The beauty of this hobby is that however much I like the beautiful clothes I see, there’s a thick pane of glass, a lock and no doubt a high tech security system preventing impulse purchases.

But alas the clever people who invent things may well have found a way to help me walk through the glass, bypass the security systems and buy the dresses and shoes all without being arrested.

Something called beacon technology may well be responsible for creating a poorer (but much better dressed) version of Melissa. I can’t tell you the technical details but basically once a beacon is in place as I’m walking past the window on one fine future evening the items in the shop will be able to talk to me.

They’ll be able to tell me all about themselves. Who designed them, what they go perfectly with, which magazines have written about them, which occasions I might like to wear them for, what’s on special offer or discounted and, here’s the killer, one tap of a button and I can buy them. Ouchy.

Part of me is a little annoyed. But most of me is seriously impressed. And now I’m just a little bit excited about the possibilities, it could really take over in so many different sector of one’s life. Imagine walking through the airport (since I spend so much time there) and not having to actually go into the shops because your phone will tell you the bargains all around you. It’ll point you towards a restaurant with a special offer on or it’ll alert you if a bikini has just been made half price. And when it’s time for you to go to your gate it’ll give you a firm nudge in that direction.

The Capital Shopping

Shopping at The Capital Hotel & Apartments in London, UK

And then you’ll be in your beautiful hotel, wherever that may be, cosy in a dressing gown and slippers. Smelling divine having covered yourself in all the delightful lotions and potions in the bathroom. Enjoying a glass of wine on the balcony… and beacon could well strike again. If I understand it correctly it could tell you all about the dressing gown and what it’s made of, the brand of skincare products you’ve just doused yourself in and give you a run-down of the wine in your glass. And all three could be waiting for you when you get home with very little effort involved. That’s exciting.

Most technology in the hotel world has not been exciting lately. I don’t like a complicated lighting system with moods to choose from. I like to talk to the concierge, not have an iPad that tells me where to go and what to do. And I prefer to draw the curtains with my hands rather than fiddle around with a remote control. But this beacon lark might just be very clever indeed.

Anyway my phone has just told me it’s time for me to stop writing this and check the chicken in the oven. I think I’ll like my phone a little more when it’s talking to me about shoes.

PS – if you didn’t see last week’s blog post make sure you have a look because you could be jetting off to a luxury hotel for a couple of nights.

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