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To Blog or not to Blog? Blog, Obviously.

Blogging isn’t easy. Before I started writing this one I used to read a few and enjoyed them. But it never occurred to me how much is involved. From the technical side right through to the actual writing bit..

I talk a lot and like to think I have something to say about lots of topics. But somehow when it comes to writing things down every week the mind occasionally goes blank. And then that moment when you post is nerve-wracking. With 118,568 of you following this blog as of this morning I’m always nervous about whether or not you’ll like what I’ve written.

I’m lucky of course as I focus on travel and SLH has shed loads of hotels in more than 70 countries so I’m not short of material. But still occasionally I sit here at my screen tapping and tutting as I wait for inspiration to hit.

It’s probably cheating but every so often I start reading other blogs to look for that inspiration.
And this week I found it in spades thanks to Hotel Le Bellechasse in Paris and its eclectic and enjoyable blog posts.

As regular readers will know I’m a big Paris fan (except for the catacombs bit) so I’m often pootling around the internet looking for the next place I might like Henry to take me to.

Le Bellechasse Hotel

Le Bellechasse Hotel in Paris, France

With this hotel I killed two birds with one stone. I found a beautiful fashion-inspired hotel (designed by couturier, Christian Lacroix thanks very much) to stay at when I next head across the Channel.

It’s in the heart of the left bank so close to the Orsay Museum and sounds like somewhere I could easily become so distracted that I’d forget to go out.

This quote from their site will whet your appetite: “Playing with a palette of ambiences and influences, perpetuating a skillful balance between audacity and tradition, Christian Lacroix created 7 universes of diversity throughout the rooms.”

I can’t tell you what all that means but it’s exciting and I want to go check out these universes.

Le Bellechasse Hotel 2

Le Bellechasse Hotel in Paris, France

And the second bird was finding a blog I really enjoyed. With such an interesting hotel that sees itself as far more than a place to stay there’s real variety in the posts. Reading it in turn inspired me to raise an e-glass to all bloggers for the hard work they do to provide the rest of us with lots of interesting stuff to read and photos to look at. And all for the price of free Wi-Fi.

So thank you bloggers. Keep it coming.

And I’ll see you all next week when I’ll be sharing some rather exciting news too, that I wish I could tell you now but I’m not allowed to yet!

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