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Straight hair and a yoga mat

I travel alone quite a lot. Apparently this idea frightens some women but it’s never really occurred to me to be afraid. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been doing it for so long or perhaps I’m too trusting.

This isn’t a boast. There are plenty of things I am terrified of that other people really aren’t. If a wasp comes within a hundred yards of me I start to hyperventilate and then I run screaming.

I honestly think I could beat a greyhound in a race if a wasp were chasing me.

But. Travelling alone, for me, is a walk in the park. A wasp-free park.

Georgian Court Hotel

Georgian Court Hotel in Vancouver, Canada

The reason this popped into my head is that I was reading about the Georgian Court Hotel in Vancouver. I was scanning down the facilities and very pleased I was too. Spa with a whirlpool, Jacuzzi and steam room, three restaurants, bike rental, free WiFi, free shuttle buses to the shops, Aveda bath products… and so on.

But then I discovered the hotel, which is in one of the best bits of Vancouver by the way, has a floor dedicated to female travellers.

One doesn’t hear about this very often and initially I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. Fairly speedily though I decided it was the best idea anyone had ever had.

Georgian Court Hotel 2

Georgian Court Hotel in Vancouver, Canada

If I were travelling to Vancouver and decided to stay in one of the 18 rooms on this floor (known as the Orchid Floor) I’d get, among other things, a straightening iron, curling tongs, a yoga mat and some fashion magazines.

This is stupendous news. I’ve lost count of the number of pairs of straightening irons I’ve discovered broken in my suitcase having clearly been thrown unceremoniously into and out of airplanes. And they are not cheap.

And once, many moons ago, I travelled with my yoga mat. I shan’t do it again. With the exception of some very smelly cheese my mother wanted brought home from France it’s easily the most annoying item I have ever carried around with me. Here I have one waiting for me in my room. My private room with a lock on the door. Yoga is best served private and naked, not in horrible gym clothes in a sweaty room full of people groaning and breathing loudly.

I know other women will have different reasons for being delighted by this Orchid Floor and I think if it puts their minds at ease then I’m all for it.

But for me it’s all about straight hair and a yoga mat.

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