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High time for High Wine in Amsterdam

Thanks to writing this blog, hotels send me bits of news before the wider public gets to hear about them.

This serves two excellent purposes.

1. It makes me feel important which I quite like.
2. It helps me decide where to go and when.

For example boutique hotel, The Dylan in Amsterdam emailed me a little while ago to tell me about the Serendipity Collection. Excellent name for a collection I’m sure you’ll agree. But what is this collection?

I shall tell you.

The Dylan Amsterdam

The Dylan Amsterdam in the Netherlands

It is 16 new rooms including two signature suites created in partnership with a bloke called Remy Meijers. If you haven’t heard of this interior designer don’t worry. How many of us know the names of more than about 3 interior designers? In fact I think I know two. And one of those is Remy.

The point is that if you had a hotel and you wanted a couple of rooms redesigned with the specific purpose of making people who walk in suddenly and overwhelmingly feel that their house décor is wildly inadequate Remy is your man.

The hotel was among the very best small hotels in the city before Remy got involved; now it’s probably number 1. The view hasn’t changed, that’s still the Emperor’s Canal you’ll be pleased to hear.

And two other things haven’t changed that are absolutely vital for any guest to partake in while there. If you go and don’t do them then you and I can’t be friends because I won’t ever be able to understand why.

Vinkeles on the Water. It’s Michelin star food.

Very nice Melissa but so what? I’ll tell you so what: You eat it on a canal boat.

The Dylan Amsterdam Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Dylan Amsterdam in the Netherlands

I know, I had to sit down when I found out too. Dry land eating is dead to me now.

Second is the cleverest high tea I’ve ever heard of. The Dylan took the incredibly brave and wise decision to remove the tea from High Tea (omg) and replace it with wine.

High Wine.

I know I know, a thousand times, I know. Whoever is in charge at this hotel is a genius. If I wasn’t taken I would find them, woo them, woo them some more and then come the next February 29 get down on one knee and beg them to marry me.

Once married we could go to Amsterdam, go shopping, visit the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum and the Hermitage, eat Michelin Star food on a canal boat and in the afternoon… mini sandwiches, cakes and wine at The Dylan of course.

No tea, thanks very much!

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