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Prince Harry, palaces and Dalmatians.

Beyonce & Jay-Z, Tom Cruise, Steven Spielberg, Clint Eastwood, Michael Douglas, Brad Pitt, Kevin Spacey… and lots more have all been to Croatia.

And this is not a new thing. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton all went many moons ago.

The three spots of choice for famous visitors appear to be Split, Dubrovnik and an island between the two called Hvar. So I’m going to all three and the chances are I’m going to see someone famous.

The only slight issue with this is my inability to play it cool when I see famous people. They don’t even have to be all that well known to be honest. If they were on television once in the 1980s it’s enough to get me overexcited. So I’m going to take Henry with me. To act as a buffer between the celebs and I, so I avoid embarrassing myself horribly. And avoid ruining the famous people’s holidays.

Villa Dubrovnik

The trip will start in Dubrovnik at the aptly named Villa Dubrovnik.

Perfect spot to safely spy on celebs because it’s high above the Adriatic with views across the water to the old city. No super yachts will be sneaking past me. The hotel’s recent renovation has resulted in many nice things but most important is the restaurant on the cliffs. This is the best place to enjoy this view. My binoculars and I will have a lovely time up there drinking wine and eating prosciutto. And actually, I hear this place is so nice, I might not even need binoculars to spot movie stars. They may well be staying in the hotel with me.

Being a seaside setting it would seem silly not to get on a boat. Villa Dubrovnik offers free boats that can take you to Lokrum island which, I’m told, has a fortress, botanical gardens and a lake. Sounds ridiculously pleasant.

But these are short trips and I want more boat time so will be heading to Split by sea with a quick stop at Hvar. Prince Harry spent his summer holidays there not long ago so the chances are I’m going to like it. If it’s fit for a royal, it’ll do me nicely.

And naturally I’m then heading to the palace.

Hotel Vestibul Palace

No, not Buckingham Palace, it’s better than that. Hotel Vestibul Palace in Split. Which is within the walls of the city’s ancient Roman Palace. A palace in a palace. Very posh. Although I must admit it’s a small palace. Just seven rooms wouldn’t be enough for the Queen’s corgis but it’ll do me very nicely indeed.

Nearby are the Dalmatian Islands. I mention them partly because they are beautiful and worth exploring. But mainly it’s because Dalmatia is where Dalmatian dogs get their name from and I wanted an excuse to use a photo of one!

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