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Eco-Friendly Georgian Mansion in Oz…

I get very bored reading marketing material from hotels boasting about their green awards and credentials. I don’t really know what these green awards mean and there seem to be so many that I can’t tell which are genuine and which are pointless.

However. When I accidentally find out a hotel is genuinely taking the environment seriously and yet hasn’t shouted about it, I am rather charmed.

Woodbridge on the Derwent in Tasmania is one such hotel.


Woodbridge on the Derwent in Tasmania, Australia

The owners took an 1825 building (seriously old by Australian standards) and turned it, carefully, into a nine suite hotel without ruining any of the original features. A clever trick. Especially clever because the level of luxury guests experience doesn’t suffer at all.

In creating the new look Georgian mansion, timber, furniture and fittings were re-used wherever possible which is, I’m told, an extremely expensive process. And as it happens the hotel is very energy-efficient too. Although you’d never know because they don’t show off, they just do.

I need to learn to be more like Woodbridge. Unfortunately I’m the kind of person who tells you I’m going on a diet while eating “my last cake”, insists I’m going to run four times a week before I’ve bought the trainers and celebrates a great idea long before I’ve done anything about making it a reality.

One more quick boast before I do learn though. Because I am going to Woodbridge. And while there I am going to cooking school, wine tasting and touring, whisky tasting, fly-fishing, cycling, kayaking, boat cruising and antique shopping. That’s all before I head for Mt Field National Park to see the wildlife.

And I’ll be staying in a room with a history lesson attached as all nine have a story. While many hotels claim to be relevant to the area they inhabit, this one is the area it inhabits and is therefore steeped in convict history and rammed with colonial antiques. I’m hoping they give me The Sarah Schaw room. I occasionally think I’ve done something impressive but this woman had 14 children. So quite right that she had a nursery (that’s what this room used to be) and quite right that there were nannies to help her. Although why the nannies had to sleep on the roof I can’t be sure. Perhaps I’ll give it a go while I’m there. Sleeping on the roof that is, not having 14 children.

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  1. I hope I will be their in coming year. Great hotel and location. I love nature so this is a perfect place for me.

  2. This article is so informative that i would always want to stay in an Eco-friendly environment of such hotels,am more delighted to find this hotel more significant unlike other hotels.


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