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My Top 3 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

It’s hard not to agree with the sentiment of Hugh Grant’s Prime Minister character in the hit film Love Actually when he says the arrivals lounge at Heathrow Airport in London is the place to go if you want to witness love in abundance. Friends, family and lovers waiting impatiently to see a glimpse of an important person in their life strolling out with luggage in hand and smiles on faces.

But, while I admit I did cry several times during the movie, for me departures beat arrivals every time.

That’s where love goes to fly. Destination? It doesn’t really matter. There’s nothing to rival the joy of walking arm in arm onto an aircraft to anywhere.

So my advice this Valentine’s Day is to buy a ticket and go somewhere. Too vague? OK, here are some ideas. But I’m serious. Anywhere will do. So if these don’t tickle your romantic fancy, keep looking.

Viceroy Bali Massage

Viceroy Bali in Bali, Indonesia

1. Get a full body massage in Bali

Acupressure, firm and gentle stroking and essential oils mix with aromatherapy to create the Balinese massage. Known for being one of the most relaxing and invigorating massages in the world when you do it alone, picture your loved one alongside you as you enjoy the experience together with Bali as the backdrop… That’s an afternoon worthy of St Valentine.

Tiamo Resort - Blog 2

Tiamo Resort on South Andros Island, Bahamas

2. Watch the sunset on a Caribbean beach

For romance to truly blossom, sunshine, clear blue sea and white sand are almost mandatory. In February there’s nowhere on earth as reliably warm, as reliably beautiful and as reliably magical as the Caribbean. If you’ve not sat side by side with the girl or boy you love and watched the sun set over this part of the world, you haven’t had your perfect evening yet.

The Mirror

The Mirror Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain

3. Dine in a Michelin star restaurant in Europe

As regulars know I like to eat. And Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to eat with abandon. Hopefully with Michelin stars abandon. SLH has lovely hotels across all of Europe where you’ll find fine dining fit for an angel’s mouth.

Which one would you choose?

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  1. I think a good present for Sant Valentine’s Day is a short break in a luxury hotel in an european city! For example, in Barcelona (my favourite spanish city!). A lot of them have pools, jacuzzis…

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