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I’ve done it in London, I’ve done it in New York, and I’ve done it in Milan

But I want somewhere new and exciting to do it now. I want that thrill of doing it in a place I’ve never done it before, in unfamiliar surroundings, with people I don’t know speaking a language I don’t understand…

Fashion week.

You probably haven’t heard much about Fashion Week in Berlin which rolls into town next month.

But since the wall came down Berlin has become one of the most engaging and vibrant cities in the world where whatever time it is there’s fun to be had and a terrifying cool restaurant or bar to go to.

Berlin Fashion Week

So, naturally, fashion has followed and now if you want to spend more than is sensible on cutting edge clothing this city is catching up with the fashion capitals of the world. Fast.

Regular readers will know I have a love hate relationship with fashion weeks. I love the clothes and I hate the giant slim angels who walk up and down the catwalk wearing them. Hate is a strong word. But they do make me weep a little. I’ve come to terms with this by internally labelling them aliens from a world where carbs aren’t available and chocolate is illegal.

And with so much to do in Berlin I can escape the leggy perfection parades and find plenty to do elsewhere if the figure envy gets too much.

My hotel of choice for Berlin is as varied and innovative as the fashion I’ll be ogling.

Brandenburger Hof

Brandenburger Hof Berlin in Berlin, Germany

Brandenburger Hof Berlin is a mix of Bauhaus, Mediterranean and Asian styles, which sounds like a disaster on paper, but remarkably it works. If there’s a better spot for breakfast than the glass roofed Quadriga lounge I haven’t come across it. And with Kurfürstendamm, Berlin’s most popular shopping street, a short stroll away you can be in the changing room with 17 items in hand before you’ve finished chewing your toast.

Carbs and shopping. Perfection.


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