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When I think of spas I think of Germany and Austria

Last time I wrote about spas it was to report a rather turbulent and terrifying experience in a hotel that shall not be named (relive here).

My promise to myself, if you remember, was to never try to cut corners when it comes to paying strangers to touch me in a pleasant and professional fashion ever again.
And now the time has come to plan my getting back on the horse foray into the only place where full nudity and white fluffy dressing gowns is the dress code.

Oh how I long for a dressing gown as fluffy, soft and clean as the ones you get given in a great spa. I bought one once but my washing machine decided it was too lovely and made it scratchy and rubbish within about 3 washes.

When I think of spas I think of Germany and Austria. I couldn’t really tell you why. I think it’s the word ‘alpine’. One hears it a lot when investigating spa breaks in these two countries and it’s such a healthy sounding word.  So I shall be travelling to one of these two to surrender my body to strangers, scents, saunas, sweating and spine-tingling treatments.

But which one?

Im Weissen

Wolfgang Lake

Im Weissen Rössl in St Wolfgang, Austria

I chose this because it had a photo of a very pretty lake next to its name on the SLH site and I’m a sucker for a lake. Admittedly about as scientific a process as a three-year-old choosing a horse at the Grand National.

It turns out I’m a genius though because my horse looks like a winner. The Spa in the Lake, as they call it, is home to the first floating heated outdoor whirlpool in the world.

Don’t ask me any questions, I haven’t a clue what a floating heated outdoor whirlpool looks like either. But it sounds like something worth taking off a fluffy gown for.

Talking of things I have no idea about I also don’t know what 1500 square metres looks like but it sounds big enough for me to have a nice relaxing time for several months, never mind a couple of days.

Wellness Pavillion

Wellness Pavilion

Parkhotel Adler in Hinterzarten, Germany

There’s a wellness pavilion. Again, I’m displaying extraordinary ignorance here, but a pavilion of wellness, whatever it is, must be about as pleasant a building as one could ever hope to be in.

AND this pavilion, like the rest of the hotel, is in a forest. I like forests almost as much as I like lakes.

There’s also something called an Earth-Fire sauna, a vitamin bar, a solarium and a swimming pool with massage jets and glass walls so that you can see the view. Last year they added an outdoor pool apparently so they should probably change the name from Parkhotel Adler to Heaven.

These are just two of the options for Germany and Austria and already I’m stumped. I dare not look at the rest of the spa hotels for Germany or Austria, because I’ll never be able to choose.

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  1. Ah, these getaways look amazing! I really want to take my wife to a place like this next year. She has been stressed, lately, so I know she needs to get away for a while. Maybe, I will be able to save up so we can go sooner.

  2. You make every place sound so inviting! I never even thought of alpine spas before. But now I WANT to try one!!!

    • Hi PreteMoiParis – Thanks for the comment! You should definitely try an Alpine spa, they’re soo relaxing. Let me know if you ever get to try either 🙂 Love Melissa X

  3. I think this is very funny 🙂 I love lakes and I love trees so Melissa and I have a lot in common – maybe we could have lunch?

    • I would love to have lunch with you Erin Techno! Maybe we could ask SLH for the best place to eat?

      Melissa XOXO


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