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Christmas without the family…

So I finally did what I never thought I would be brave enough to do. I spent Christmas without my family.

It’s not that I haven’t enjoyed every Christmas I’ve spent with them over the last thirty… umm.. something years…
But on a few occasions I have toyed with the idea of running away for the festive period and staying away till after New Year. Indeed, if you remember dear reader, I had quite a few options I was thinking about for this New Year.
In the end though I chose none of them. Because rather than suggest a getaway my boyfriend Henry invited me to join his family. After a few deep breaths into a paper bag I agreed and then spent days terrified at the prospect while pretending I was totally relaxed about the whole thing.

Also terrifying was breaking the news to my mum and dad that their darling daughter would be absent from the Christmas day food and frivolity.

I worked myself up to saying something but just before I did mum announced that her and dad were off to Italy for Christmas as they couldn’t be bothered to cook and fancied a lovely holiday!

Relais San Lorenzo

Bergamo Skyline – Relais San Lorenzo, Italy

At first I was relieved as it saved me from revealing that I was planning on disappearing. But then they told me they were staying at Relais San Lorenzo in the foothills of the Alps and I must admit I did get a little huffy. How dare they go to an SLH hotel without me! And at Christmas! Especially that hotel. It’s been refurbished recently and sits in Bergamo Alta which from the photos looks to be just about the prettiest little town ever.

Relais San Lorenzo 2

Bergamo – Relais San Lorenzo, Italy

While I was shaking hands and making polite conversation with thousands of Henry’s relatives, they would be relaxing in the spa, strolling around the beautiful town, drinking yummy wine and eating as much as they liked without washing up to worry about.

They loved it apparently. They want to go again next year but I’ve told them they are not allowed unless they take me with them. And actually, despite the madness of meeting scores of eccentric aunties and being jumped on by nephews on overdrive thanks to vast quantities of chocolate and fizzy drinks I had a great Christmas and New Year.
And I hope you all did too. Happy New Year and good luck with whatever your 2014 resolutions are.

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