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Crystal clear in St. Moritz

The moment I boasted about never getting ill I regretted it. Just two days before heading to St Moritz in Switzerland to ski for a couple of days and I stupidly invited disease into my life by showing off. That was Wednesday. By Friday I was in bed where, let’s face it, I deserved to be. Annoyingly it was a St Moritz bed. Even more annoyingly it was a St Moritz bed with a view of the mountain I was supposed to be sliding down with two planks attached to my feet.

Crystal Hotel St Moritz

The Crystal Hotel St Moritz, Switzerland

The truth is I very rarely get poorly. I don’t know why, It might be because I have multi-vitamins every morning. Or it might be because I refuse to shake hands or hug people who are clearly not well.
But on Friday I really was.

Often when I’m not ill and I see people on television who are poorly, or hear of work colleagues who haven’t come to the office I daydream about it. In my head it’s a bit of a sniffle, a warm blanket, a comfy sofa and watching movies quietly while my immune system gently shoos the bug out the door. Sometimes there’s a person who brings me soup and warm bread. There are always dressing gowns and slippers.
How lovely.
The reality however is far from the romantic notion I paint for myself.

My head was pounding, my body weak and shivering, my throat burning, and my tummy, well, my tummy. I’ll leave it there.

I didn’t want soup or bread or a blanket or to watch television I just wanted to lie on the floor and groan. So that’s what I did. For two days I complained to nobody in particular. My friends could do nothing for me so I told them they absolutely had to go skiing all day and enjoy their evenings. The moment they left I cursed them of course but outwardly I remained stoic.

As I stared at the mountain I was destined not to enjoy this weekend it dawned on me how quickly our health can abandon us. And how quickly once we feel well again we forget how awful it was to be unwell.

I won’t boast about never getting ill again. It was a very silly thing to do. But I will enjoy every moment of wellness like the precious gift it is. Starting with Christmas next week!!! I’m going to be the most festive and jovial Christmas celebrator of them all. Perhaps I’ll wear an elf outfit.

One Night Certificates and Wallet

Although, I’m definitely going to continue my policy of not touching anyone with any sign of germs.
I’ll be jolly, but sensible. I’ve got a lot of eating to do over the next week or so and will need my strength.
In case you don’t read my blog next week (it’s Christmas, I’ll forgive you just this once) have a very merry Christmas. I wish you good health and happiness (and some lovely presents of course – why not try an SLH gift certificate).

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  1. Seriously so sad…i had also bad experience of this when i visited orange beach in Alabama ..M also feeling like this and not enjoy lot of the vacation…return back after some time


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