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Tra la la la la my way to Copenhagen for a Christmas Market

I’m afraid it’s time to talk about Christmas. Sorry.

I would like nothing more than for the season to wait in a festive cupboard till December.

On the first day of Christmas it could come crashing out like a fairy light bedecked, tinsel-covered juggernaut driven by reindeer dressed as elves with George Michael’s Last Christmas blaring out of enormous bauble-shaped speakers.

But this is an impatient season and there’s no cupboard strong enough to keep it at bay. So rather than fight the tide I’ve decided to deck my halls with boughs of holly and tra la la la la my way to Copenhagen for a Christmas market.

Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen, Denmark

The best is to be found at Tivoli Gardens my research tells me. There are 9 miles of lights, 1100 Christmas trees, 136 mechanical pixies, and 28 rides including a 99-year-old rollercoaster.

All of those numbers seem high to me but pleasingly so. Except the rollercoaster. One thing I don’t look for from contraptions that hurtle me around at speed is an imminent telegram from the Queen. So I’ll probably skip that and focus on the glogg (spicy mulled wine) apple doughnuts and roasted almonds.

Father Christmas will be there, obvs, along with some reindeer and enough stalls to pick up a fair amount of presents and thereby reduce the length of time I’ll spend weeping on Oxford Street or praying for stuff I ordered online to turn up on time.

After a day of filling my body and my bags the walk back to my room is going to have to be brief or I might never make it. Which is why I have chosen the Nimb Hotel.

Nimb Hotel Copenhagen, Denmark

Nimb Hotel, Copenhagen, Denmark

From my bedroom I’ll be able to see the market and from the market I’ll be able to see my bedroom.

And it’s very much in the Christmas spirit, covered in thousands of tiny lights, so will fit nicely with the theme of my weekend.

It started life in 1909 as an Arabic fantasy castle but now has, following a total renovation inside and out in 2007, a Nordic feel thanks to solid wooden floors.

There are two things I’m looking forward to most. First is the open fire place (every room has one) and second, oddly enough, is the uniforms worn by the staff.

Danish designer Christian Wesphal (one of my favourites) created them last year and I’m told they are almost as impressive as the hotel. Not often one has to fear being less fashionable than the staff in a hotel.

Hopefully some of you are ready to embrace Christmas with me. But if you’re not convinced, fear not. Next week I’ll be talking about swapping winter coats and eggnog for bikinis and cocktails. And there’s nothing less festive than a beach escape in November.




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