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Next weekend I’ll be walking through the Frieze Art Fair with an inane grin on my face

There’s something about contemporary art that makes me inexplicably excited.

Not inexplicable because contemporary art isn’t exciting, but because nine times out of 10 I have no idea what I’m looking at.

Next weekend I’ll be walking through the Frieze Art Fair with an inane grin on my face dashing from exhibit to exhibit desperate to see everything and anything immersing myself in a world that is endlessly fascinating because it is so alien.

Frieze Art Fair

Regent’s Park in London plays host to this contemporary art fair which is, I’m told, one of the best on earth if you want to enjoy the newest of the new from the art scene. SLH actually have a hotel only a stones throw away; The Arch London.

But if you were to ask me afterwards to talk intelligently about what I’d seen you’d get little more than another grin and “I loved it, it’s all so bonkers and brilliant.”

Now, I’m no art ignoramus. Show me a Picasso, a Dali, a Monet or a Michelangelo and I’ll show you why I was voted teacher’s pet in my history of art class at school.

But this stuff is bewildering. There are no discernible rules or limitations and unless you’re an expert (let’s face it most of us aren’t) there are surprises everywhere.

The artists (there will be more than 1000 of them) come from all over the world and most of them have brains that clearly don’t play any rules I’ve ever heard of.

So I have no idea what I’m going to see, which pieces will be my favourite, how many times I’ll have a confused look on my face or what I might fall in love with and buy.

But I do know that within the confines of a small park in England’s capital I’ll feel like I’ve travelled the world and had a hundred culture shocks in a single day.

If your plans don’t include being in London next weekend I recommend changing them immediately. Get on a plane, head to Regent’s Park and look out for me. I’ll be the overexcited girl rushing around gawping at everything with a bored-looking boy called Henry (my boyfriend for those of you who aren’t regular readers) trailing after me.


 Next week I’ll be talking Christmas markets in Denmark and where to stay in Copenhagen while enjoying the best of them all in Copenhagen.

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