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Window Shopping at the Monaco Yacht Show

Occasionally it’s nice to have something in common with millionaires. And this week at the Monaco Yacht Show I will. Most of them won’t be able to afford one of the hundred or so super-yachts moored in the harbour either.

Port Palace Monte Carlo, Monaco

But they’ll be there, and I’ll be there and together we will drool over the most expensive toys on the planet. When we talk about the wealth of the Roman Abramoviches and Larry Pages of this world we usually mention the size of their boat and how much it cost. The former usually comparable to a mid-size cruise ship designed for several hundred passengers, the latter not dissimilar to a small country’s gross domestic product.

The excitement of this show is having a peek at the kind of toys, gadgets and general splendour one can afford if one is clever enough to invent Google.

And the slightly naughtier fun comes courtesy of the plethora of sales people around and about who have no idea if you are a browser with just about enough money to buy a key ring, or the daughter of a billionaire shopping for a new toy. They are all extraordinarily lovely just in case.

I like to keep them guessing and to do so is actually fairly simple. Here is my handy two part guide if you are headed to the show.

Step one. Look the part. I will be going for Prada sunglasses and a handbag that’s worth more than anything I could put in it.

Step two. Stay in one of the best addresses in town – Port Palace. This hotel is in just about the most enviable location Monte Carlo has to offer and yet a couple of nights in this chic masterpiece will cost less than a light bulb on one of the yachts you’ll be able to see from your window.

Port Palace Monte Carlo, Monaco 2

After a hard day of people watching, boat ogling and pretending to be heir to a fortune I plan to hit the Turkish bath and then enjoy the seafood at La Marée, their new concept restaurant. And before bed I shall hit the famous casino just steps away from the hotel.

Who knows, with a bit of luck perhaps by morning I’ll be yacht-shopping for real.

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