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Overindulging at the Hotel Chandler in New York

While on my New York break last week I decided to eat quite a lot. It’s the end of the summer and I’ve behaved very well indeed for months. So I felt I deserved a blow out, plus, to not eat more than one’s fair share of calories while visiting New York would be criminal. There probably actually is a law against it.

So off I trotted (excited) to Juni in Hotel Chandler in the Flatiron district. This restaurant is billed as the cherry on top of a hotel fresh from a $10m renovation.

Hotel Chandler New York, USA

Juni means June. And I don’t have to explain what June means. Apparently the chef chose June because it’s a vibrant month when flowers are out, nature is at its busiest and spring is becoming summer. Personally I don’t much like June as a month. It’s the month after my birthday and therefore the furthest month away from presents for me. And getting one’s attire correct in London is near enough impossible as the weather refuses to behave sensibly for a whole day at a time.

But when I walked into Juni I didn’t know it meant June so I wasn’t worrying about it. And when I waddled out I was so pleased with what was in my tummy they can change the name of the restaurant to The Lucky Badger and I will still go back again and again.

Chef Shaun Hergatt (@shergatt) is a big believer in seasonal food, hand selected from farmers and foragers he trusts, and then prepared with minimal manipulation.

I settled on a 10-course tasting menu all chosen by the chef. I selected this option for two reasons. One, he’s the chef so probably knows best, and two it doesn’t matter what I order I always get food envy. With 10 courses coming my way the chances of having the time or inclination to stare longingly at a stranger’s plate were diminished substantially.

Hotel Chandler New York, USA 2

My food coveting time was diminished further by admiring the décor design which I have decided to steal if ever I have enough money to be able to afford Venetian arched ceilings, silver patina mirrors and earth-toned leather banquets. It all fits with the cuisine rather well because clearly a lot of careful thought has gone into it, but the designer, like the chef, hasn’t forgotten that after all is said and done, people have come here to eat good fresh food in stylish comfort.

What’s the best meal you’ve had out recently?

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