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South Lodge Hotel makes Goodwood even more glorious!

On Saturday I am off to Glorious Goodwood for the day. For those who don’t know Goodwood is one of the best horseracing events of the year in England.

And more importantly it’s a great excuse to buy a hat, new shoes and gamble without fear of tutting. The tickets arrived this morning along with some dress code instructions.
It starts off as expected: “Ladies are encouraged to wear hats.”

No encouragement needed Mr Goodwood rules person. LOVE hats.


But then it becomes quite amusing.

Jeans are banned – good. Shorts are banned – excellent. And finally the lovely posh leaflet printed on very thick card put together for one of the most well-to-do enclosures at one of the country’s most well-to-do occasions declares… no fancy dress!

That’s right, no fancy dress or costumes as our American friends would say. I can only assume that someone at some point has turned up in fancy dress at the races, tried to enter one of the enclosures full of panama hat wearing gentlemen in cravats, and much to their surprise and no doubt dismay been refused entry. I wonder what they came dressed as. I shall try to find out on Saturday and tell you next week.

South Lodge Hotel Facade

South Lodge Hotel Facade

I’ll also tell you all about South Lodge Hotel in Horsham where I’m headed afterwards. It’s popular with the post-race crowd and will give me the chance to shoot some clay pigeons, play some tennis and secretly laugh at Henry’s appalling golf swing. I’m no golfer but I’m assuming if it takes him three goes to hit the ball and it doesn’t go very far when he does it’s probably not a good swing.

Any tips for Saturday most welcome by the way. Having gone with the ‘picking a horse because I like the name’ system at Cheltenham and Hong Kong in the past it’s clear that the ‘put my money in a bin’ system would have been more efficient.

Us Brits like to pretend horseracing belongs to us but actually that Wednesday evening at Happy Valley Race Course on Hong Kong Island is the most extraordinary horse-related fun one can imagine.

The dress code is more relaxed but the gambling is far from it and the noise of the crowd as the horses come round the final bend is worth the flight to China on its own. I had never screamed and shouted so much that the mere act exhausted me until that day. Thankfully the stroll back to the hotel was blissfully short – my bed at the very nearby and rather lovely Lanson Place Hotel earned its keep that night.

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  1. 12rudeboy34 #

    Looks like a very handsome place, hope you have fun.


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