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Capuchin monks and Cappuccino coffees…

I was actually googling cappuccino but a mix of being half asleep and typing too fast and my results were not what I expected.
A friend had told me cappuccino was named after monks robes and I thought that was probably nonsense so decided to check. They were right it turns out. Capuchin monks who took their robe design inspiration from Francis of Assisi. I’m sure they cut a fine dash.
Anyway, my poor searching ability led me to discovering something much more fun than monks’ robes – Park Hotel ai Cappuccini, in Gubbio, Italy.

HUFCOPH_31767164_Cloister_600x411As I’ve mentioned before I go to Italy more than any other country often under the pretence of visiting my aunt.
But here is a part I’ve not been to. And it’s gone straight to the top of the list. A former 17th century monastery (gosh I’m talking about monks a lot today aren’t I) that is probably about as far away from the monk accommodation as is humanly possible. Monks aren’t known for their love of luxury I hear so if you are reading this and you are a monk I don’t think it’s your scene any more. Sorry.
The outside is old, grand and majestic, the inside brimming with every loveliness a girl could want alongside Renaissance paintings, 15th century frescoes and Flemish tapestries.

HUFCOPH_38761515_Suite_600x399It appears to be as much an art exhibition as a place to stay thanks to owners who are either very wealthy, considering their extraordinary collection, or in more debt than Greece.
So I’m going. And I’m taking a friend who declared a couple of weeks ago that she hates art. All of it. This made me so sad I’m dedicating my life to changing her mind. This seems like the perfect place to start. But don’t tell her that’s why we’re going. I’m tricking her with promises of piazzas, red wine, big baths, beds you never want to get out of, and, probably, a cappuccino or two.

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  1. I have heard from a friend who went to this place and I must say that she really enjoyed the place and told me to even probably go back so soon and I wish I could come.

  2. ohhhh my take me there!! Take me away from my 9-5 desk job to the country of italy and to the delicious capp drinking that would ensue!! Love this post looking forward to reading more.

  3. Looks beautiful, and interesting.


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