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Second date with Henry (and Superman..)

Since my first date with Henry I’ve been in quite a good mood. He is perfect and as far as I can tell he thinks I’m not rubbish – so far so marvellous. But a visit to the cinema has left me wondering if he is as perfect as I thought.

The film Henry chose was the new Superman – Man of Steel. Not my usual cup of Earl Grey but naturally I pretended I was excited about the film, not just the possibility of having my hand held.

Superman-Man-Of-SteelI learned two new things about Henry in that three hours.
First I think Henry might think he’s a man of steel. Which is a worry.
And second he does not appreciate laughter in the incorrect places.
I knew I was laughing in the incorrect places because nobody else actually laughed. At all. Henry certainly didn’t laugh, and every time I did he looked at me like I’d just poured popcorn over his head.

To be honest I didn’t want to be in the cinema at all even if this film was inadvertently hilarious. Not after spending a weekend at Luton Hoo Hotel taking the art of relaxation to new uncharted territory and making myself look younger, fresher and perhaps even ever so slightly prettier in time for Henry to behold. Not much beholding went on in that dark room, and any that did occur was Henry beholding Superman, wishing he had his abs. He doesn’t, not even close, but I really don’t care about abs.

HULTNLH_26087749_Exterior_View_-_The_Mansion_House_1800x1283However. I do care about the laughter. As I’ve said in the past I like many of the same qualities in a man as I like in a hotel. And one of those qualities is humour. People make the mistake of thinking posh hotels are serious places full of rich people being brought things and bowed at. Granted some are like that but those aren’t the ones I like. Great hotels are cleverer and more thoughtful than that. They don’t spend all their time worrying about their abs and looking at their biceps in the mirror while picking up heavy things and putting them down again. They understand wit and genuine charm are harder to find than a flat stomach and an ego. And most importantly a good hotel would have realised very early on that it should HOLD MY HAND WHILE I SIT THROUGH TWO HOURS AND TWENTY THREE MINUTES OF SUPERMAN!

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