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Italian family love and a £9,000 book…

I have an auntie in Italy who I quite like. She moved there for a boy years ago and never left and I, for one, am absolutely delighted because it gives me a great excuse to go to Italy two or seven times a year.
Sometimes on my visits to see her I don’t actually see her in the classic sense because Italy is quite large and I like to explore farther afield than her Tuscan hillside retreat. But she doesn’t seem to mind. She’s just pleased I’m enjoying her adopted homeland and I get to feel like I can justify the plane ticket because I’m being a good niece by being a bit closer to her than usual.

HUNAPJK_37485368_JKPlace_600x400In the not too distant past I was not visiting my aunt at J.K. Place in Capri. It’s quite pleasant. In the same way that chocolate éclairs are quite nice. Yes, if I could eat Capri, I probably would. And this hotel would be the glacier cherry on top that I would save till last and stare at for a while before devouring like a crazy person.
But I don’t want to talk about that. The hotel is amazing blah blah blah and if you want to see photos of it click here. I want to talk about Jen Pollack Bianco.
What an odd name, I hear you cry. I quite like it actually. Sounds like the name of a tough renegade Chicago cop who doesn’t play by the rules.
She isn’t a tough Chicago cop though I’m afraid she’s a girl I met while filling time in the library of the hotel waiting for water to stop falling from the sky.
Jennifer and I were stood side by side admiring the same book at the same time.
Being an American Jennifer doesn’t suffer the shackles of British standoffishness and launched into a disarming monologue about this £9,000 book. Only 10,000 were made and it came with a stand apparently. A book with a stand is a book that is too big I told her. And with £9,000 I could buy all the Bill Bryson books and have money left over for a Happy Meal and a small car.

HUNAPJK_27986963_Library_3500x2755She then called me an idiot but somehow in a way that didn’t make me want to scratch her eyes out and suddenly we were chatting. The conversation moved on to Capri, Italy, Henry, her husband, her blog, my rather embarrassing obsession with Disney and then her love of baked beans. We were so engrossed that we didn’t notice the ninja sneak over to our table, pour away two bottles of wine and replace the empty bottles on the table…
See you again soon I hope Jennifer. Let’s remember to eat next time!

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  1. It’s not every day you read one thing this well place.
    Thank you ahead of time.

  2. Italy is really very nice, but I’m taking the opportunity to invite you to Croatia. Have you ever been? It’s the most beautiful country in the world and the best holiday destination. Next time you’re about to visit your aunt, take some time, buy a ferry ticket and pay a visit. You’ll love it.

  3. I have one brother in Italy. Recently i visited the city that is so amazing and nice place. I never forget that tour in my life

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