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Intensive tennis help needed…

With summer supposedly on the way I thought it high time I try to get in shape for the dreaded bikini unveiling. As regular readers will know I’m about as happy in a gym as an Eskimo in the Caribbean. Which means I have to look elsewhere in my constant fight with gravity and carbs.

This year it’s tennis. Like many of you, I’m sure, I have my tennis tale of woe. I used to play a lot but life got in the way and suddenly it’s been a decade since an invitation to tennis meant anything other than Pimms and strawberries at Wimbledon.

I’m determined to get back into it so last weekend I climbed into the loft, found my racket and swung it around a few times in the living room as if I were on Centre Court (with sound effects to add a little drama). As I danced around the room knocking winners cross court, down the line, drop shots and even the occasional lob it became very clear that I am amazing at tennis. Somehow the simple act of watching the likes of Nadal and Federer from the sidelines with a glass in hand had improved my game immeasurably.

Desperate to try out my new found super skills I called a friend and demanded they meet me that afternoon to play.

He duly arrived to find me in full tennis whites, headband, two wristbands and an air of invincibility. Perfect attire for the concrete potholed courts with a broken net near my flat. After laughing at me and my ancient racket we hit the court and I crouched down and swayed from side to side just as I had been doing in my house earlier that day ready to show off.

The ball came whooshing over the net and I steadied myself, drew back my racket nice and early and at the speed of light unleashed what I knew would be a winner.

This particular winner went over the back fence and into a faraway hedge. The next hit the net. And the one after didn’t even reach the net. It turns out I’m amazing at tennis right up until the moment you add balls to the equation.


I need some help. Serious intensive tennis help. I’ve booked a few days off in August and I’m going to get one to one coaching. The only question is where? Somewhere hot and lovely with a tennis court and a very patient coach… The question is which SLH hotel is going to turn me into a tennis pro? The Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort in Greece? Or Aquapura Douro Valley surrounded by vineyards in Portugal? Any suggestions would be very welcome.

Let me know!

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  1. Anne #

    Melissa – I’m not sure if you’ve booked yet, but I would definitely consider the Sanctuary Resort and Spa on Camelback Mountain in Paradise Valley. They have celebrity tennis players to help you, and it is some of the nicest staff! I highly recommend this place! They really care about you as a guest, it’s really just a wonderful experience! I went on a Friday and they were having a Zennis class to relax the mind and spirit before engaging into some Tennis Drills! And the view is absolutely breathtaking! Here’s their website:

  2. JW #

    Hi Melissa – one of our partners is the best (and we rarely use superlatives) – they’re called Elite Tennis Coaching and come to you wherever you are in the world. Ask for William and tell him John Winters at SKS Media sent you – you’ll get the preferential rate. Break a leg! C


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