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SLH Competition Time

I’d like to talk about competitions today. Have you ever met someone who didn’t tell you that they “never win anything” when the topics of raffles, prize draws, tombolas, the annual gambling for non gamblers amnesty that is the Grand National, come up? I haven’t. Nobody ever claims to be lucky.
But someone must be winning surely? Every week someone beats the 14 million to one odds to become a lottery millionaire. And without winners wouldn’t the whole concept of competitions with lovely prizes be dead?
I was lucky enough to win a day driving fast cars around a track recently (quite a change from sitting in London traffic in my trusty Fiat 500) and there I met three people who don’t believe in luck.
“Have you ever won anything before?” I asked, awaiting the boring stock answer ready with my boring stock reply.
“Yes, lots,” they said in unison.
“I beg your pardon?” said I.
It turns out that the key to winning competitions is to enter them. Extraordinary insight there I’m sure you’ll agree – you have stumbled upon the golden ticket with this blog post…
One of my driving buddies trawls the internet, newspapers and magazines finding every competition going and enters. He wins rather a lot.
Another appeared to be some sort of maths Rain Man and knew how many packets of Walkers crisps he needed to buy to win the racing driving day. He was in the pit lane with me so I assume his sums had worked quite well.
So I’m now going to enter everything I see. I’ve even opened up a competitions email account so that I can hand that one over when I’m inevitably asked for it in return for the right to enter.
And I’m starting with this from The Times+ supplement:
Seven nights in Thailand and two flights with Cathay Pacific. Shh, don’t tell Rain Man.
My photo for you to enjoy this week is one which I hope I’ll be able to take myself when I win.


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  1. Good luck with your new hobby! I’ve won over 40 holidays since 1997 – stick with it, look for the comps that require effort and you’ll do well. My wishlist for this year is to win a trip to Sri Lanka!


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