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Christmas is upon us

Hi Paul,

What a wonderful place Cologne is. I loved exploring the city’s six Christmas Markets, which are scattered across the city, quite confusing and daunting after a glass or two of local Glühwein (be careful, it can pack quite a punch!). I tottered back to the hotel after picking up some traditional crafts and handmade Christmas tree decorations as gifts.

I’m now back in London for a short while and I have completely embraced the British Christmas spirit. As always, your Christmas present suggestions are spot on and I’m so pleased that this year I won’t have to push past the dreaded shopping crowds on Regent Street. I particularly like the look of the 2 night spa experience that I’ve seen on your website.


They will make a perfect present for the females in the family… actually come to think of it, the men too! I might have to treat myself to a gift certificate. I have a few festive parties to attend so my New Year detox in January will need to be introduced gently. A massage or two would be just perfect… do you have any suggestions for destinations that are fabulous for spa treatments. I’m thinking I might need one on January 1st 2013!


Having returned to London, I couldn’t wait to escape the city so I booked for my best friend and I to have a weekend treat at Great Fosters (after reading your recommendation and how to become a real estate agent.)

I have never seen such a fabulous key… do you have any other hotels with curious room keys… I’m thinking of putting a little blog on special hotel keys.

Ho ho ho!


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