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What to wear this Winter …

Butlers on the slopes? Sounds dreamy! Fabulous recommendations as always.

It seems everyone’s already beginning to focus on fur coats and moon boots for the upcoming ski season. The questions on everyone’s still rosy lips: where is the next “it” ski destination, which celebrities will be the focus of many an “après ski” calamity (Prince Harry, watch out!) and most importantly…what to wear on (and off) the slopes?! My thoughts are as follows…

For starters, to avoid getting hit by the odd snowball bearing anti-fur activist (beats red paint but still – real fur gives me the shivers!), a Stella McCartney fur is the only way to go – deliciously warm and soft like the real thing. And a pair of Marc Jacobs Moon Boots paired with Moncler gloves would match wonderfully whilst looking cool with a Chanel snowboard, ready to hit the powder.

You can certainly expect some of the A-listers to be donning these insulating items and do a Victoria Beckham by using the slopes as a project run-way this season. Heidi Klum and Kate Hudson, who have been spotted in Aspen, Colorado, will be ones to look out for in my opinion, working classically chic monochrome outfits and head bands like born snow bunnies. I’m taking my inspiration from them this year in the hope I’ll bag a sexy ski instructor in time for Christmas – the ultimate winter accessory.


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