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Ladies of Luxury Travel Blogging

Dear Melissa,

Wow, I am impressed to hear about your commitment and enthusiasm for London 2012; your new love affair with sport must have been serious to miss two whole weeks out of a social calendar!! Now with the Paralympics in full flow, I think you better make sure your diary is clear and your manicurist is warned – I’m finding them just as addictive.

In between catching up on the Olympics highlights and reading your blog, I happened to come across another luxury travel blogger who seems to be a friend of yours, Min Ying – she’s been blogging on one of my favourite travel sites for where to go when out East – Lifestyle Asia. I see she’s been picking up your travel tips and recently visited The Siam and Hansar Bangkok

Thank you for recommending the properties to Min Ying – you are quite the ambassador! I’ll now be following her blog as closely as I follow your posts! Bet an Eastern Adventure is looking pretty tempting right now after a few weeks on the sofa doesn’t it? I’ve never known you to be in one place for so long, where are you off to next? Maybe you should plan a trip with Min Ying. You would be a travel blogging force to be reckoned with!

All the best,


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