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Waterway wonders: which ocean-view does it for you?

I knew you’d fall in love with the Pillars Hotel, its private-home-style service is legendary across Florida and I always try and drop in if I’m ever passing! But your love of waterway views (and passing yachtsmen) has got me thinking about my favourite ocean-view haunts and one place immediately sprung to mind that you really should add to that never-ending travel list of yours, Hôtel les Ottomans in Istanbul.

This incredible hotel recently popped up on my radar again when a friend tweeted her picture in front of one of the most spectacular views I’ve ever seen. She was lounged out on their magnificent terrace, Raki in hand watching the most elite yachts of the Bosphorous coast passing by – sound like perfection? Oh and did I mention the vinotherapy spa she had just come from??

But alas, I know you’re heading over to the Big Apple so maybe you’ll have to put thoughts of yachtsmen wining and dining you on a Turkish roof-top terrace to the back of your mind until another time!


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