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Searching for Sunshine

It was lovely to see you the other day at St. James’s for their fantastic afternoon tea, although it has taken me more than a few squash sessions to burn off all those Battenbergs!

Very glad I got to see you before your big American adventure – I think you’re actually up in the air on your way to Florida right this minute you lucky thing. I bet you couldn’t wait to leave this dismal weather and the crowds of London behind, I think I need start planning a getaway somewhere hot, perhaps around the Med somewhere…. Although as the Olympics are getting closer and closer I think the atmosphere in London is going to be amazing and shouldn’t be missed. Decisions decisions!

Have you decided where in Florida you’re planning on staying or are you going to see where you end up?! I’m sure once you hit Fort Lauderdale they’ll be no stopping you and I look forward to reading all about it on page 6! I hope you’re staying at The Pillars Hotel, it’s a beautiful plantation-style house with an incredible private dining club, The Secret Garden. You should also take advantage of their 51-foot luxury yacht, I seem to remember you showed a lot of potential as a yachts-woman (you would have been even better if you didn’t insist on wearing those incredibly impractical heels the whole time!)

Anyway, keep me posted on your Florida antics – if I do head off anywhere I’ll be sure to keep my iPad with me for regular updates!


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