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God Save The Queen

The Champagne and the jolly Jubilee atmosphere swept me away on a long patriotic party weekend of street parties, Pimms and finger sandwiches. I am only just recovering, hence the recent silence!

I wouldn’t have missed the celebrations in London for the world. With a palpable excitement in the air all weekend long, the English capital was the place to be. Festooned in colourful bunting and waving Imageflags, the city celebrated the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in style. I was happy to hear that Dukes London had been entrusted with the duty of coming up with the official drink to toast the Queen and kick off the Jubilee – the Captain and crew of HMS Diamond toasted the Queen with the Dukes Royal Navy Jubilee cocktail ahead of the weekend’s festivities. I bet it was a proud moment for my friend, head barman Alessandro Palazzi!

I was so glad I took you up on your offer of tea at The St James’s Hotel and Club, Paul. It was the perfect activity after watching the flotilla on the Thames – which was quite a sight to see 1,000 boats making their way Imagedown the river led by her Madge herself. William’s Bar and Bistro got their tea menu spot on, I loved that they served Queenie’s cakes of choice, Battenberg and Dundee, both delicious. Great to hear more about your trip to Turkey too.

Although the Union Jacks are still in abundance around town this week and I should still be feeling all patriotic what with the Olympics count down in full force, the London weather and the start of Euro 2012 means I’m longing to leave British shores once again. Just checked the weather forecast for Miami – it’s 30°C and sunny. Hello Florida!


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  1. Despite the horrible summer weather, 2012 is a big year for the UK.First the Jubilee, and now the Olympics. London is the place to be right now. If your making plans to stay here, make sure to stay only at the best places to be.


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