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Maldivian Style Comes To Sloane Square

Melissa – you might not want to relocate to the Maldives permanently, but you could always take a bit of the Indian Ocean ethos home with you.

On my last trip I met Mohamed Faruhaadh, Housekeeper at Baros Maldives, and he shared with me his tips to give my bedroom a Maldivian makeover in the style of the Baros resort, after I raved about the great night’s sleep I had there.

He said “Choose soothing colours and warm tones to ground you, then add colourful accents with flowers and cushions. Check lighting is soft, and complement with candles. Keep a small collection of essential oils at home – starting with lavender – so you have one for every mood. And before going to sleep, wind down with relaxing music and a cup of mint tea.” I know you’re not usually a quiet-night-in kind of girl, with underwater nightclubs being more your thing, but it might just remind you of your Maldivian paradise.

When you go back to sample the club, can I suggest you spend some time in Asia en route home?

I’m just back from a whirlwind trip to Bangkok, Beijing and Singapore and let me tell you, there are some cracking properties here to check out.

Talking of a great night’s sleep – the beds at the Hansar Bangkok are like sleeping on a cloud.

I would recommend you visit Singapore, staying at the super Naumi hotel in the heart of the city. Check out the amazing rooftop views from the hotel before cycling the length of the beach – the perfect way to work up an appetite before heading to the famous Raffles for their famous brunch. I seem to remember you have an old pal there too, what was her name?

From Singapore you can take the train to Bangkok– and check out our new hotel there, the Siam, set to open this summer. I had a sneak peek and it’s going to be fantastic. One of the slickest arrivals on the Bangkok scene, its suites are huge and super stylish.

And if you have time on your tour of Asia, head toBeijing to see another brand new hotel, the Éclat Beijing, also pinned to open this summer and part of the architecturally striking Parkview Green in the Chaoyang district.

For a taste of traditional China, you could also stay at the tranquil Han’s Royal Garden Hotel.

This boutique hotel will offer an amazing personal packing service courtesy of its excellent butlers – making heading home or to your next destination a breeze. I’m sure my Russian friend Stacey at the hotel would love to take you cycling around the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square!

Just a thought – it would be right up your street.


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