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Come Fly With Me

Thanks for the heads up Paul, about Niyama and about mum! I have been a bad daughter recently so thought I would splash out on a belated Mother’s Day treat and after days of wandering around the sandy souks, a tropical paradise sounds perfect.

I’ve decided to make this trip even more special by flying the only way a true travelista should – on a Solairus Aviation private jet! They are absolutely wonderful with luxury leather interiors, a gorgeous bathroom, plenty of space for my Louis Vuitton cases and state-of-the-art technology to make even the longest flights fly by.

We leave in 2 days and I’m already counting down the hours till mum and I can jump on board without the hassle of airport queues and delayed flights – bliss! I’ve also been reading up about Niyama on the new SLH iPad app and just discovered about the floating restaurant, art studio and 24 hour spa! This really is going to be a trip of a lifetime – don’t I have a very lucky mummy?!

Can’t wait to tell you all about it… watch this space!

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