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Spring Sunshine: Paul’s reply to Melissa

I’m so glad you chose to visit La Sultana Marrakech, Morocco is one of my all-time favourite destinations and I know how much you crave your Vitamin D. I hope you and Serena sampled plenty of their amazing traditional Moroccan food, the head chef is a good friend of mine and his tagines are legendary!

Another one of my favourite spots if you’re still on the hunt for sun is the wonderful Maldives.

There’s always something new and exciting happening, word on the street is that the new Niyama is now open!

Apparently it’s a real showstopper with the world’s first underwater nightclub – now that’s not really my scene anymore, not since disco balls and flares went out of style.

I think it needs someone with some young blood to check it out and why not take your lovely mother? She’s been moping around Harrods for days since you left!

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