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Super Spas

I began the year with such good intentions… my new trainers were fresh from the box and ready for my 4 gym sessions a week, the fridge was stacked to the brim with food that even Gillian McKeith would be proud of, I had a fresh notebook open and waiting for the best-selling novel I’ve always been meaning to write and “Sassy, Single and Satisfied” was going to become my new relationship bible.

Unfortunately 2012 didn’t quite kick off the way I had planned and now 4 weeks down the line I find myself coming back from yet another evening of decadent food, far too much red wine and company that goes against my ‘sassy and single’ New Year mantra – and needless to say the price-tag has yet to come off the trainers…

So I have decided that maybe a cupboard full of rabbit food and an Olympic-style workout programme isn’t quite right for me and maybe I need to January detox the old fashioned way, at a beautiful spa with all the latest quirky therapies and treatments that will buff and bronze me to perfection!

Whilst browsing the musings of one of my favourite spa bloggers last night, Spa Confidential, I noticed that she is currently visiting the classic Malaysian resort of Tanjong Jara (not too far from you Paul!) and one treatment in particular caught my eye… It’s called Rendam-Rendam, and let’s just say it’s for tightening and firming ‘down there’! What a treatment!

Not sure I’m quite ready for such an alternative therapy just yet, but it did get me thinking about my favourite Super Spas, ideal for January detoxing (with no Wheatgrass shots allowed!) Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. WOw i love the view and it looks like so relaxing.

  2. You are so damn right: Tanjong Jara ist amazing and I love the Rendam-Rendam which is the ultimate for relaxation!

  3. I find this blog searching New Year mantra . Thank you for sharing with me your most competitive information for hotels.


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