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Escape Christmas or Embrace Christmas?

Ah, to embrace or escape Christmas? The annual December dilemma. You could check out the seasonal offers for December live on – though with such an array of ideas from sunbathing to sleigh riding, it might serve to make the decision even trickier! If you are looking for the best of both worlds, I’d suggest a truly Christmassy UK break, somewhere that really embraces the festive spirit such as Cowley Manor in Gloucestershire, followed by a more exotic New Year, spent somewhere remote like Bloomfield Lodge in Cairns, Australia. Personally, my ideal scenario would be sailing around Malaysia for the entire holiday, a million miles away from the tinsel, turkey and tv re-runs back home. I might pop into Pangkor Laut Resort off the west coast, where the exceptional Sea Villas and delicious cuisine are enough to draw me off the cat that I chartered.

I imagine your diary is already chocca block with Christmas engagements so you’ll have to fit your travels around the parties. I think it will be difficult to top the  Square Mile Masked Ball, but no doubt you will try!! The charity season is just about finished now and I am glad to report to you, Mellisa, that SLH helped raise over $ 500,000 to some great causes around the world!! Take care now and have a fabulous Christmas and hope to catch up with you in the New Year .


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