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Road Trip!

Thelma and Louise, eat your heart out! I spent last week on an East Coast adventure with Serena. After picking up a Cadillac in New York and kitting ourselves out with the finest calfskin driving gloves and Tods loafers for the journey, we drove upstate to leafy Massachusetts with the radio blasting Billy Joel and a car full of those naughty American snacks I wouldn’t be caught dead eating at home!

Cranwell Resort, Spa and Golf Club, Lenox, USA

Autumn is a fabulous time to visit this area as the trees begin to turn – we were dazzled by the panorama of red, orange and gold that greeted us as we arrived in scenic New England. Our first stop was Cranwell Resort, Spa & Golf Club, a darling hideaway in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts that boasts one of the largest Spas in the north-east. We pootled around, popping into the Norman Rockwell Museum and admiring the typically NewEngland style clapboard townhouses. Serena wanted to buy one – I think she fancies a rural retreat to compliment herManhattan loft.

From there, we headed north again viaBostonand then on up to the idyllic countryside of New Hampshire.

The Manor on Golden Pond Holderness, USA

We were drawn to The Manor on Golden Pond – famous as the location of the aptly named movie “On Golden Pond” starring silver screen beauties Katherine Hepburn and Jane Fonda. After taking in the positively life-affirming views over Squam Lake and exploring the natty antique shops of local town Holderness, the charming general manager of the hotel somehow persuaded us to take a hot air balloon ride to fully appreciate the dramatic landscape. Our poor pilot – I think he was deafened by the squealing and rather scared when we both clung to him, but once we were cruising above the tree tops it was incredible! Love to hear your hot air balloon stories from around the world…I am definitely a convert!

Until next time friends – and watch this space for a guest blogger soon!

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