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Melissa’s Summer Holiday Diaries

Thank you Paul for your fabulous suggestion – I’ve had the most interesting couple of  days at Chateau Mcely.

I’m not ashamed to say that like most women I am slightly obsessed with the latest beauty    products and trends (when Chanel released ‘Collection Byzance’ my bank balance didn’t know what had hit it). So the chance to learn how to create my own beauty products at an enchanting forest retreat in Prague was completely up my  street.

Arriving at the steps of the gorgeous, romantically lit Chateau Mcely at dusk, I felt like Karolina Kurkova on a Vogue cover-shoot… (although with slightly shorter legs…)

Chateau Mcely, the setting for my Prague Beauty adventure certainly did not disappoint. It’s a 17th century castle surrounded by parklands, with beautiful individually styled regal suites that would make even Miss Middleton green with envy.

Met by the hotel owner in the lobby, we headed to the hotel’s laboratory (yes I did feel like I was in a James Bond film in case you were wondering) to begin creating my own organic cosmetic line. Shelves of herbs and plants lined the laboratory walls, each with different properties from healing and rejuvenating to uplifting and toning. After a couple too many cosmos before bed, I felt that a rejuvenating moisturiser would be the sensible place to start Vinelli Cosmetics. So after lots of mixing, blending, testing and trying; my organic cream began to take shape. It really was incredible to see how much these guys know about the natural plants they work with and how they can be transformed into little pots of magic to keep us looking radiant!

After saying a fond goodbye to Oldrich, the hotel owner who worked together with scientists to develop the formula for Mcely Bouquet Cosmetic line, (who by the way is now officially my new beauty guru – don’t let the beard and accent fool you, this man is a cosmetics genius!) and with my MV moisturiser in hand, I set off to look for my next Summer adventure…

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  1. It looks good….


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