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Enter the Small Luxury Hotels of the World™ Gold Coin Competition

Hi all,

This is a very special year for Small Luxury Hotels of the World™. I am very proud to say that 2011 is our 20th Anniversary, and to celebrate 20 years of luxury I am delighted to announce the launch of our amazing Gold Coin Competition – play it, and you could win a prize of a lifetime… in fact, many prizes will be awarded throughout the 20th Anniversary Year of Small Luxury Hotels of the World™.

Here is your chance to be part of a luxury experience… to take part in a treasure hunt for Gold Coins in a search for luxury. Scattered around the SLH website, and all our social media spaces, you will discover a hoard of gold coins. How will you find them? Over time, clues will be given, hints will be dropped, and our own SLH ‘adventurer’, Melissa Vinelli, will also be pointing you in the direction of the hidden treasure. You just can’t afford to miss the 20th Anniversary SLH Gold Coin Competition. It will be fun… it will be rewarding… it will be enjoyed – by YOU, especially if you win!

Find one coin and the fun begins – you’ll immediately be eligible for a prize draw. Just one coin could win you a seven-night holiday in one of the boutique hotels of Small Luxury Hotels of the World™. Find 15 coins and the prize is boosted to 12 nights and, for ‘True Luxury’, uncover 20 coins and you will be entered into a prize draw to win 12 nights in an SLH luxury hotel of your choice PLUS £1,000 spending money.

The sooner you collect the coins, the sooner you can enter the SLH monthly draws for the ‘True Luxury’ prize and the end of year bonus draw. The first draw will be mid-April and, thereafter, at the end of every month. Don’t be disappointed if you didn’t win at your first draw… your name will continue to be entered into EVERY monthly draw. Luxury doesn’t get much better than this!

So, watch this space. In fact, watch all our social media spaces: the Small Luxury Hotels of the World™ website, SLH Facebook, SLH Twitter, and SLH Blog. Look for clues dotted around all the pages, everywhere (special offers, experiences, The Club….), and pay special attention to Melissa – she could be holding the secret to ‘True Luxury’ – SLH style.

Have fun. Enjoy the Small Luxury Hotels of the World™ 20th Anniversary Gold Coin Competition… and good luck!


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  1. Dolphine #

    Here comes my big treasure!! Great!!

  2. mary #

    very good treasure hunt ,i really enjoy this

  3. Beautiful Places, and wonderful adventures!!!!!

  4. Nice Articles. Play and win SLH gold coins Competition and enjoy & fun the playing games.

  5. tommy koay #

    i being spend my labor day’s to look for the last coin, this is really the tough session, wonder Paul can help or the god can help me on this…

  6. mahp1809 #

    iv got 17 so far need the rest

  7. Teresa Connolley #

    I’ve just started blogging and my life revoles around my holidays/getaways

  8. Delhi Hotels #

    Nice post… I want to collect many coins very soon.

  9. Hi Paul,
    Sounds like a great idea and I hope it is a great success in marketing your product as I just love the special treatment and attention to detail in a luxury hotel, although my personal preference is Luxury Hotels Lake District where you can go out walking in the National Park. Return with your muddy boots and then relax in both comfort and luxury.


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