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Small Luxury Hotels of the World™ 20th Anniversary Gold Coin Competition

Dear Paul

You are a big tease!

Dangling the “Gold Coin Competition” big fat juicy carrot in front of us like that without giving us any details.

I’m talking about the Small Luxury Hotels of the World™ 20th Anniversary Gold Coin Competition that’s starting later on in the month. I’m SO very glad I’m not travelling for a bit, so I’ll have oodles of time to log on to the SLH website to “play” this competition. It sounds intriguing. The prizes could be amazing. I know SLH is pretty generous with competition prizes.

Can’t you give us an itzy-bitzy clue as to what the luxury prizes are, and what we have to do to win them?!

Go on meanie… let us into the secret.

Yours, Melissa

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  1. Oh The secret was The SLH Anniversarry has giving away fabulous prizes just visiting and liking the website plus the superiourity of the searching gold coins and The Club is free for everyone It is amazing..wholely awesome! Thank you for sharing this Stories of you Melissa ,You are such a very Brilliant Lady. Arigatou Guzaemashita. Viva SLH! Banzai ! I wish I could win sinced this is my first time I stayed on this website for long hours.

  2. You are right but i think A great way to travel around and see Berlin is on a bike. The city has many bike paths and combined bike/bus or bike/pedestrian lanes.


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