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My next spa break with Small Luxury Hotels of the World

Dear Paul,

Thanks for the mild reprimand! You’re absolutely right. I should chill out. Stop dashing around. Get my thoughts together. Only THEN can I zip off again in my role as Small Luxury Hotels of the World™ official ‘Adventurer’ – as soon as my batteries have been recharged and my head is back on my shoulders. Good thinking!!

So, as you suggest, I’m looking at taking a relaxing luxury spa break in the UK. Found some fab UK luxury spa hotels too on the SLH website…  Here’s one to put me on Cloud 9. Well actually it’s just ‘Cloud’, the name of a signature treatment at Cowley Manor (you know, that stunning 19th century manor house in the heart of the Cotswolds with the stylish contemporary interiors). My toes are already curling at the thought of this deeply relaxing holistic massage that “works along the sensory pathways of the body” promising to leave me with “an inner sense of tranquillity and indulgence”. How can just words pamper one so… and do I want to be thus indulged?  Yes.  Sounds heavenly.

Cowley Manor – a stunning 19th century manor house in the heart of the Cotswold

I’ve also discovered some really impressive UK country house hotels in great settings (one sits in beautiful grounds created by Capability Brown no less), and all of them have gorgeous spas. I see Small Luxury Hotels of the World has got several “Spas by SLH” offers available at UK boutique spa hotels at the moment too. They’re all listed on the SLH website.

Just check out some of the Spa menus of SLH, they are tempting to say the least. How about these treatments to tantalize your taste buds… a chocolate cream or cranberry body mask; a body treatment with a “chocolate mousse” texture; a kiwi seed and pomegranate scrub; a white chocolate wrap…. plus loads more. Mmm!  Delicious. My mouth is watering already.

That does it. I’m off.

Bye for now.

Love Melissa

PS:  Can your readers recommend any delicious Spa treatments they’ve enjoyed at SLH hotels?

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  1. reiko #

    So beautiful. This should be my next destination!

  2. Hi, I like it, blog is really informative and relevant to the topic.Thanks for writing and giving us such a valuable information


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