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Small Luxury Hotels of the World experiences…

Dear Paul,

I know Valentine’s Day has long gone, but just one more mention! Did you know that I had not one Valentine to spend February 14th with? Since when (sad isn’t it!) I’ve been wondering… do you reckon I am a bit too pushy for a Valentine’s comfort? Or do you think I spent too many years working hard to get where I was in my City job (before throwing the towel in that is!) so maybe didn’t work quite hard enough on my social skills!

What the heck… who needs a Valentine anyway when Small Luxury Hotels of the World are always there to pamper and comfort me in my hour of need!  On which happy note, I’ve been checking out what experiences I can do ‘solo’ at one of the exclusive SLH boutique properties and I’ve come up with these tasty ideas:

I can explore food markets in Turkey with the hotel Chef and learn how to cook a meal from ingredients he chooses; escape to the Italian countryside to learn about wine; immerse myself in herbs by foraging, cooking and having spa treatments with them in Germany; or take an accompanied foodie walk in London to learn about the history of food.

Ah! I’ve just found a serious workout programme in Devon, in the UK, offering resistance training; hill walking; legs, bum and tummy workouts, as well as Thai Chi and Yoga. Heavens… I’d need another holiday after that – but I’d certainly be fit as a fiddle after such a great fitness programme wouldn’t I? Definitely worth considering.

While staying at SLH properties, I see there are many travel adventure options: I can go on a safari in Africa, elephant-riding in Thailand, croc-hunting in Australia, play golf in America, and fully immerse myself in a number of absolutely gorgeous SLH luxury spa hotels scattered around the world. Mmm! Now that really IS a tempting idea.

As I said (maybe somewhat reflectively), who needs a Valentine anyway and what’s wrong with going solo? I’m thinking about giving myself some ‘me time’ on my next trip… so what do you reckon I should do for this ‘go-it-alone’ trip of mine, Paul?

Awaiting your words of wisdom with bated breath…

Love Melissa

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