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My next trip….

Hooray, you’re back Paul!

Your return is perfectly timed, I might add, as I want to pick your brains – I need some really good ideas for my next SLH “adventure”… so no disappearing please.

However… before I bombard you with ideas and questions, I’ve just got to say how FAB my luxury wintersports break was in Austria and Switzerland. I am just TOTALLY exhausted, but those gorgeous little hotels you sent me to were so relaxing and cosy after a day on the slopes. And don’t the Swiss and Austrians know exactly how to make cosy just so very COSY, if you know what I mean! All that pine and Gluvine – just up my street, or should I say down my slope!

Rightio… let’s get down to my ideas: I’ve been going click-mad on the Small Luxury Hotels of the World™ website, going through all the destinations around the world. I’m now pondering whether to lose myself in the winding alleyways of Marrakesh and stay in one of those intimate riads in the Old Medina with their secluded courtyards and rooftop terraces (goodness knows who I’d go there with, it sounds a bit romantic that!), or go and enjoy some Caribbean celebrity spotting and R&R in Barbados (love the sophisticated restaurants on the West Coast of Barbados) – my mother would adore that, she’d probably know half the celebs.

Quite fancy going on safari in Africa too – do you reckon Will & Kate are going to Kenya for their honeymoon? You’re not being naughty again and keeping any Royal secrets from me, are you Paul?? What interesting safari-mates they would make, can you just imagine what a kick I’d get out of that!

Of course I could go to India and learn how to become a Mahout I suppose, or go trekking in some rainforest or other in Latin America for a bit of excitement. Oh dear… decisions, decisions, decisions. Why do Small Luxury Hotels of the World™ make my life so difficult? There are just too many exclusive boutique hotels to choose from. I’m totally spoilt for choice.


Pleadingly yours, Melissa

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