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Wow! Frégate Island Private Creates World’s Most Expensive Dessert!

Paul, you didn’t tell me about THIS!

OMG!  Talk about decadent… I’ve just seen the tweet on Small Luxury Hotels of the World™ Twitter Page about a unique chocolate dessert made on Frégate Island Private in the Seychelles. Do I want to desert my skiing break this very minute and fly to that idyllic Indian Ocean paradise, or what!?

Can you just imagine… a chocolate tart garnished with 929 gorgeous little diamonds (one worth US$1million on its own) – a total of 151.92 carats – made by the Chef Pâtissier at Frégate Island Private. What a unique present for the girl who has everything, and what an absolutely fabulous idea for a Valentine’s gift that would be. Now I REALLY wish I had a Valentine!  Even a birthday would do… what a birthday cake in a million that would be. Dream on Melissa.

You’re naughty: don’t keep these little secrets from me Paul – you know how I love the luxuries in life! So don’t forget to let me know immediately when other glittering experiences are on offer at any of the hotel gems in the SLH family.

Bye for now


PS: Has anyone got other great ideas for Valentines gifts?

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