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I’ve downloaded the SLH iPhone App!

Hi Paul,

I’ve just picked up your note about the Small Luxury Hotels of the World™ iPhone app – it came just in time. I’m sitting at the airport and have already downloaded it onto my phone.

It’s SO incredibly easy to use. I can flick through photos, select a Continent, and even discover hotels by type… beach resorts, eco reserves, private islands, game lodges. But then you already know that of course!

What a really great idea the SLH iPhone app is – it’s going to make my search for small luxury hotels around the world a lot easier. Thanks for the tip darling.

The flight has been called. Must go. Did I tell you I’m dragging my adrenalin junkie best friend David with me? Should be fun. Watch this space!

Love Melissa

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    Warm Regards


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