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Introducing you to Melissa Vinelli…

Hi all,

Happy New Year!

I thought you might like to meet a very good friend of mine – Melissa Vinelli – who I bumped into at The Arch Hotel in London recently after not seeing her for years. She’s quite a character, bit of a dare-devil and likes to have fun. She gets up to mischief now and again, has had an interesting life, and now travels the world extensively, staying mainly in our Small Luxury Hotels of the World.

You will see from the letter I’ve just received from her that she’s enjoying every minute of her time since leaving her high-powered job in the City. If you’d like to know Melissa as well as I do, then follow this blog to find out what she’s up to and where in the world she’ll be next. I really dread to think!

I’m sure her tales will give you a good insight into and give you some great ideas about staying in our small, luxury hotels around the world. She’ll certainly be opting for some of the special exciting experiences that Small Luxury Hotels of the World have put together – so that could prove interesting. I just wonder what she’ll get up to?

Enjoy her travels… and her antics!


PS: Incidentally, if you want to know more about Melissa, click here>>

Dear Paul,

It was absolutely fabulous bumping into you last month in that trendy London champagne bar at The Arch Hotel. What a chic contemporary London hotel that is with its rich colours, comfy seats, high-tech rooms, and classy art. It’s so very perfect for Mummy’s lifestyle too – an exclusive city hotel where she can enjoy toasted crumpets and traditional afternoon tea in style, wonderfully located in central London.
How timely too, with me being down in the dumps (having hastily thrown in the towel at work) that you came up with that amazing suggestion that I jet off to a luxury hotel in Sri Lanka to take time out and get my thoughts together. You are a darling, you saved my sanity.

When you said it was a boutique hotel somewhere unusual, I had no idea that the holiday in the nature reserve you recommended would be so very wild. I had a fantastic time… wild parties every day. Not exactly the wild London celebrity parties we both enjoy darling, but wild as in elephant safaris, nature tours and bird watching and, would you believe, even primate safaris. I must take Daddy with me next time; he’s always looking for luxury hotels off the beaten track.

I’m rambling as usual (and now back in the UK after my thought-inspiring stay in that gem of an eco-friendly luxury hotel)… so to the point. Luxury skiing holidays – I want to head for the snow and take a last minute luxury ski break.

You know that I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie so I’ll be taking my best buddy David with me who’s as mad as a hatter on the slopes. To keep him happy, can you suggest some luxurious ski retreats in Europe and maybe unusual skiing destinations further afield, as well as luxury family ski resorts in the USA (I want to check out family friendly ski hotels for my sister Claire and her tribe).  Any information on hotels near challenging ski slopes, contemporary ski lodges and cosy ski chalets at renowned ski resorts will be great too.

Must rush. Look forward to getting your suggestions for a luxury ski holiday soonest. Thanks darling. See you.

Love Melissa

PS: Calling all skiers: Can you send me suggestions as to where I should go for my skiing break? Would love to read your comments on your personal skiing experiences too.

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  1. My dear Melissa. I am very sad, that I cannot find any of the outstanding German properties on the blogs directory. I was looking for the extremely stunning KLOSTER HORNBACH which just joined SLH. Melissa, please also give us bloggers German jewels. Thank you Bernd from Berlin

  2. Jurema Boente #

    It’s the best way to begin an unforgettable trip!

  3. Kevin #

    SLH is always my first source of top-notch hotels. I just stayed at 3 in the UK and every one was exceptional. Returning to one of my favorites in Italy next year as well.

  4. ARY #

    fantastic hotels, never can go wrong with SLH!!

  5. Great Hotels of the World

  6. sam #

    Snow quality to give you the best ski holiday, or you can just soak up views while sipping on your fav drink by a fire, not to mention the village atmosphere. Try night tobogganing at Courchevel is located within the Three Valleys of France.

  7. Julia #

    wonderful places

  8. ester #

    wonderful places to stay, wonderful places to dream….

  9. Daniela Meuter #

    SLH >>> Best Hotel and Resort on the Wordl.

  10. Daniela Meuter #

    Best Hotels in the Wordl!

  11. SUUUPER!

  12. Hi Melissa What fun to have you cruising around the SLH hotels. You asked about skiing…..check out Now that’s an EXPERIENCE



    • elizabeth Shuhi #

      Great travels,begin with small luxury hotels!


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