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Hollywood inspired trips with Small Luxury Hotels of the World

Hi all,

We’ve recently created a press release describing the many wonderful hotels and experiences waiting for people inspired to seek out the locations of the best-selling book and film ‘Eat Pray Love’, a tale of self discovery, food and romance set in Italy, India and Bali.

It started me thinking about the powerful effect that films have on influencing our holiday locations. Irrespective of plot lines, many films are fabulous adverts for destinations.

Who can deny the power of ‘The Beach’ which influenced many to follow the footsteps of Leonardo DiCaprio to the powder white sands of Ko Phi Phi Don in Thailand?

Although critics gave the plotline a mixed reception, the award-winning cinematography of stunning Kyoto in ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ inspired many to explore Japan.

Both Europeans and travellers from the US made a trip to Paris after watching ‘The Da Vinci Code’ in 2006, set against the backdrop of the Louvre which also benefited by allowing filming inside its galleries.

Released later this year is the eagerly anticipated final installment of the Harry Potter series with film locations all over the UK including London, North Yorkshire and Suffolk.

Some of our hotels have also been the backdrop of classic film scenes such as James Bond’s defeat of ‘Goldfinger’ on the golf course at Stoke Park in Buckinghamshire. It has also served as the romantic retreat in ‘Bridget Jones Diary’.

Our hotels are also used to the demands of the film stars for example the Skiathos Princess Hotel hosted the cast of Mamma Mia during filming in 2008.

With over 500 hotels in more than 70 countries, we have a wide selection of wonderful bases if you’ve been inspired to discover your own Thai paradise, enjoy a real Geisha performance, crack the Da Vinci Code, perfect your wizard skills or follow in the footsteps of Bond.

Do let us know if you’re planning any Hollywood inspired trips,


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  1. Alex #

    I found your blog while searching for great but affordable hotels in Hollywood. We will surely have a look at your hotels!

    I was wondering, can you recommend any good hotels near Las vegas?

    Any helps appreciated!

    Best regards,
    Diablo 3 barbarian skills

  2. michal heggs #

    I was last year inspired to visit a certain US state after watching a certain “chick flick” over and over. My partner was fed up of me day dreaming about it so said we could go there. And so we booked flights to Hawaii ( and las vegas and LA, it would be rude not to!) and had a wonderful 2 week stay on Oahu and Maui. Thanks to the directors of 50 first dates for the inspiration. Not sure how we will ever top that holiday. But off to Miami in October so will give it our best shot! x


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