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It’s not just ‘Casino Royale’ in Monaco….

Hello all,

I can’t believe how fast this year is going by! Have you booked your next stay at one of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World? I’m travelling around south-east Asia at the moment and visiting some of the world’s most exotic hotels. I will tell you about my experiences at a later date.

Whilst I have a moment, I just wanted tell you about our first Small Luxury Hotel of the World in Monaco, Port Palace in Monte Carlo. Monte Carlo is famed for its fast cars, Formula 1 Grand Prix, the high-dollar casino, royalty and being a haunt for the rich and famous. It has the best boutiques in Europe, and, most importantly its’ where the world’s best yachts are moored.

I love city breaks but if you’re like me and you just need to escape from the hustle and bustle, then Port Palace ticks all the boxes. Expect world-class service from this understated yet elegant luxury hotel. It might be the second smallest country in the world but it most definitely can be described as ‘the jewel in the crown.’

Stunning views from Port Palace, Monte Carlo, Monaco

Stunning views from your dining table Port Palace, Monte Carlo, Monaco

It’s the ideal place to relax, eat and sleep and admire the  spectacular views of the yacht-filled harbour and the grand prix circuit. If you take a room on the front you can actually overlook and look vertically down on the track!

After a day out in Monaco I recommend taking an hour or two to chill-out at their spa before you hit the casino in the evening.

Interestingly the bedrooms were designed by Leïla Menchari of Hermes, which adds an air of sophistication to this luxury hotel.

Dining at the Michelin-starred Mandarine restaurant is also a must! Chef Patrick Raingeard, serves up the most inventive and inspiring cuisine influenced by the Mediterranean …you’ll also receive exceptional wine, which complements the culinary experience. This trendy boutique really has great attention to detail.

Port Palace's impressive wine cellar

Port Palace’s impressive wine cellar

Have any of you visited this?  I would love to hear more about your experiences.

More to follow, Paul.

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  1. Washington Hotels #

    I have been to Monaco twice and really enjoyed it both times. I would love to go when the grand prix is running. I really enjoyed looking at the luxury motor yachts in the harbour. This hotel is on my list.

  2. Escape Lodges #

    I’ve only been to Monaco once a long time ago, can’t say I was a big fan, but I was a poor student at the time so probably didn’t fully appreciate it at the time. Think it’s about time I payed another visit :o)

  3. luxury hotels in France #

    nice post…………..

    thanks for sharing your experiences with us…………..

    ya small luxury hotel is a fantastic place to visit or stay………….


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