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Special Treats from Windsor Arms Hotel….

The Tea Room for traditional afternoon tea

The Tea Room for traditional afternoon tea

‘I’ll be right back with your chocolate-covered strawberries,’ said the butler. Ten minutes later, there he was, with a small plate of two perfect berries. Every night, guests at the Windsor Arms Hotel are surprised with a different treat at turndown! There are no mints on your pillow here! It’s a wonderful treat whilst you’re curled up in bed, basking in the most delicious aroma that can be smelled throughout the hotel.

Into the candlelit lobby the next night, to our delight we returned to a warm suite with a beautifully decorated plate of biscotti, adorned by a picture of a wine glass, made of chocolate.

It’s not just the special evening treats which makes this small luxury hotel of the world memorable. Windsor Arms Hotel is an ode of neo-Gothic architecture. Set in the heart of Toronto’s cultural centre amongst the city’s oldest buildings, this charming hotel offers spacious suites, elegant dining and superb spa facilities… fit for a King or Queen! How about a dip by the fireside indoor pool?  After a hard day of shopping in the hub of Yorkville at the designer boutiques, and pottering around the museums and art galleries, this is a perfect place to unwind, relax and put your feet up!

During your stay you must experience afternoon tea or dine at Prime, a steakhouse that is a popular choice of the locals. Tea at the Windsor Arms has been a complete afternoon of indulgence for guests.  There’s a selection of teas from Russian Caravan to Sencha to a delightful range of yummy sandwiches and seductive-handmade pastries… you can even select the tea room that best suits you! Choose from the purple room, swathed with deep purple valances or a more traditional French-style setting. Regardless of what you choose, high tea here will certainly be experience to remember!

There is so much this charming hotel offers and is perfect for both business or pleasure. Have you been to this luxury hotel? Get in touch and let us know.

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  1. Cairo #

    good services thanks in advance

  2. I browse some writings from your blog, also have saved your feed during the last hours and I found a permanent improvement of style.
    Great job.

  3. Quality Serrvices, Facilities Etc #

    That sounds wonderful. I am a stickler for quality when it comes to hotel services and actually facilities etc when I stay. You may as well, you get what you pay for I think.


  4. riccione #

    I’ve read some posts and i like your blog.I’m just starting up my own and only hope that i can write as well , thanks!.

  5. Andrew Pelt #

    Hi from Ireland, good post, deserves a Digg.

  6. San Luis Obispo Hotels #

    I haven’t been to this beautiful hotel yet .. but you definitely sell it well and I’m looking forward to going now!

  7. emma #

    Ooh this sounds wonderful, absolute louxury. It makes me want to go on vacation again!

  8. small luxury hotels are awesome I just stayed at one of the san diego boutique hotels and i had an awesome experience


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