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Use them or lose them!

I read something this week that I’m having a hard time believing.

Apparently some companies are giving their employees unlimited holidays. Unlimited!! Extraordinary isn’t it?

What would I do if I could take as many holidays as I liked? Probably get fired before too long for not turning up!

The idea is that the employees can be trusted to do their work and only take holiday when they can. Supposedly the amount of holiday taken has actually decreased a little. Which suggests these particular employees do not share my, and your, love of travel.

While daydreaming about the possibilities of taking so much time off I suddenly remembered that I have no idea how many holiday days I have left to take this year.

A quick calculation revealed I have 10 left to take. 10! And it’s already mid October. Never mind unlimited holiday I’m failing to take the days I’m allowed! Work can get in the way and many of us enter the last quarter of the year with far too many days left. I am very busy for the next couple of months but I decided to get my priorities straight. What is the point in working hard if we don’t spend some of that money and treat ourselves to the ultimate reward life offers- a holiday!

It’s not only me who has noticed this- the wonderful people at SLH have realised that so many people do not take their full allowance so they have come up with a genius idea to ensure you take that much-earned holiday. For anyone who books a stay for this year from now until the end of November will have the chance to win all their holidays for next year- that’s a whopping 20 nights free!


So I’ve booked every day off and I urge you to do that same. You’ve earned it!

Don’t waste a moment, go now and find out what you have left and get it booked in before it’s too late.

The question now is what to do? Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while know that I’ll definitely be going away somewhere. But where, is the hard part.

So once I’ve finished writing this I’ll be sifting through Small Luxury Hotels of the World’s hotels (could take a while as there are over 500 of them) in 80 countries to find the perfect spot to spend my last holiday days of the year in.

I hope you’ll take my advice and do the same. Quick, go now! Time is ticking!

See you next week

Melissa. x

Thinking Outside The Box

Unlike most people, I rather enjoy watching TV adverts. Usually it’s to tut and then nudge Henry to say something like: “A group of people sat in a room and came up with that. WITH THAT! And then another group of people thought it was a good idea. Absolutely extraordinary.” I’d estimate I say negative things about adverts nine times out of a ten. Yes, I am a lot of fun to watch the box with…

Anyway, this particular advert was admonishing me for being sat on my sofa. I wasn’t sure about the wisdom of being mean to people who were actually paying attention to their advert but I watched on as I was told to go do something else and explore another country.

Of course I already knew there’s plenty to be doing other than watching TV but having these opportunities pop up in front of me as I cradled a cup of tea was enough to get me Googling furiously.

My chosen adventure… well there are lots of them. I couldn’t choose one so I’ve chosen five and if you lovely readers could choose one for me to do I would be most grateful.

  1. The Brussels Light Festival, Belgium

Belgium has a lot going for it. Mainly in terms of things I can put in my tummy. But aside from the chocolate and beer they are also very clever with light. At the end of this month come some incredible light shows (and a winter bbq because you can’t eat light). It’s been going since 2013 and every year more and more locals and travellers have designed their days off around this festival that takes place predominantly along Canal Sainctelette.


2. Dia De Los Muertos, Mexico

Literally translated this doesn’t sound like a barrel of laughs (Day of the Dead) but this astonishing November 1 festival, most famously celebrated in Mexico, was born of an attitude I applaud.

The plan is to honour the dead with lively celebrations, food, drink, parties and so on. The idea is that death is a natural part of life and that the dead are still a part of the community. It’s firmly on my bucket lists to walk along with the incredible parade of brightly coloured skeletons and skulls.


  1. Lewes Bonfire, England

You could probably have guessed this takes place on November 5 without my help. I couldn’t have a top five without an entry from my home nation and this is an occasion I regret not going to yet.

Yes there are fire-based goings on all over the country and indeed the world on Bonfire Night but the best of the best takes place in a little market town in Sussex – population 16,000 – where 80,000 people descend to enjoy seven different societies putting on five parades and fireworks displays. This is November 5 overdrive territory so if you like it anyway, you’re going to LOVE this.


  1. Lopburi Monkey Festival, Thailand

This is how all festivals should come about. One bloke, called Yongyuth Kitwatananusont, wanted to reward the monkeys for being such great tourist attractions. So in 1989, on the last Sunday in November, he put on a buffet for them. Initially that meal was 35 tables worth but it had grown and now there are musical performances, human monkey dances and hundreds of thousands of people gathered while the monkeys feast all day long. And all night – there’s lots to munch through.


  1. Texas Renaissance Festival, United States

If, like me, you enjoy dressing up this event might make you too jealous to be able to attend. For two months kings, queens, lords, knights, nobles, fairies, pirates, elves and more gather to create a spectacle that transports people back through time, and indeed to places that exist only in fairy tales. There are acrobats, musicians, jugglers, dancers and a huge number of great artisans selling their wares and showing off skills such as blacksmiths, glass blowing and weaving. Wonderful!


I think you’ll agree that any of these are better than watching television. So I’m going to follow this month’s Small Luxury Hotels of the World mantra and Be Out There! You’ll need to let me know quickly which one to go to please!

I’m going to look up fancy dress outfits now as most of these offer a great chance to dress up. Yippee!

See you next week.

Melissa x

My five favourite travel blogs

Today I’ve been thinking about how very lucky we all are to be living at a time when the internet exists. It hadn’t really taken hold yet when I was at university, but now it’s a vital part of everyday life. For me personally, I love it because it allows me to write this blog and share my thoughts, loves, hopes and dreams with all of you lovely people. But I’m not the only one doing this. Some incredible writers have some wonderful blogs and I read lots of them for inspiration alongside the more traditional publishers. It’s such a treat to have access to so much talent and so much travel knowledge. While I hope this blog is one of your favourite blog reads, I also encourage everyone to read a variety of different blogs. There are too many to list here that are worth a look so I have had to choose a few of my favourite. Have a look… I think you’ll enjoy!

Travel with Bender (

One day in 2012 Erin Bender decided to leave behind a traditional life in Perth, Australia and set off travelling with her husband and two young children. An extraordinary move that many of us have probably dreamed about but never quite been brave enough to try! No plans, no rules and no limits. They’ve already explored more than 5 countries and stayed in all sorts of places doing all sorts of fascinating things.


Just One Way Ticket (

Sabrina is a bit of a pro when it comes to incredible photographs and videos. I love to read a good bit of text but if there are some incredible images and beautifully shot videos alongside the travel excitement within me burns even brighter. She is an inspiration to many travellers who set off on their journeys based on what she covers. And I’m not surprised!


Wanderlusters (

This one is perfect for the adventurers among you. For those who can’t sit still on a beach too long but need to be out exploring lesser known places, trying out active and adrenaline fuelled pursuits. The founder Charli Moore is a real adrenaline seeker so you can share some of the incredible things she gets up to while also enjoying her take on various other unique experiences found on her way around the world.


Don’t Forget To Move (

I was drawn to this blog by the brilliant name. Many of us do forget to move as we get bogged down in day to day life. But as soon as you start reading this blog the hunger to get going will erupt. The focus is on independent travellers who don’t like to skim across the surface of a destination like traditional backpackers but spend more time on authentic experiences within the local cultures. If you’re a fan of volunteering and sustainable tourism this one is a must for you!


Luxe Tiffany (

As a lover of all things luxurious I had to include this famous blog from Tiffany Dowd. She is a serious expert on all things high end so if you want to know about the latest openings, trends and cool places to stay Tiffany knows all about it. If you prefer your travel to be five star and stunning this is a good place to go get inspired.


Once you’ve had a look at those remember to come back and see me! When it comes to beautiful boutique hotels in amazing places I know what’s going on!

See you next week.

Melissa. x


Four seasons please – with a side of sunshine

The weather has gone mad. Here in the UK it has at least. Last week we had the hottest September day on record at 34 degrees Celsius. This week, not so much. It’s grey, drizzle has taken over the sky, and it’s a little chilly. Thank goodness for that.

Call me old-fashioned but I prefer seasons to stick to their, erm, seasons. Snow in summer, leaves falling off the trees in Spring, scorching sunshine in Autumn… no no no. Stick to the programme please Mr Weather. As we speak I can see a tree giving serious thought to shedding its leaves. This means that shortly I will be able to kick and dance through piles of leaves and feel very autumnal indeed. Order will be restored. Autumn is when television gets better, when great films get released in the cinema, when we all see how long we can wait before turning the central heating back on, and when Sunday roasts in cosy pubs are firmly back on the agenda.

For a couple of weeks this is all well and good and I love it. But around late September as I see winter approaching, months and months of cold weather filling the horizon, I zoom out a bit during weather reports to see a little more of the globe. The UK is going to be cold and wet – that’s a given. But zoom out and take the whole of the planet in and suddenly there are little suns to be seen all over the place. On particularly cold and windy days, usually just after my umbrella has turned itself inside out and I’m drenched, I click on those suns and zoom back in again to see where they are. And then I get on a plane and go at several hundred miles an hour. I fly in search of vitamin D to fill myself up big time so that I’m ready to take on the cold dark winter.

Of course in late September/early October there are plenty of nearby places that still have great weather. Morocco, Greece, Spain, Turkey… head south a bit and you’ll find that warm glow. But as time goes by, Europe and then North Africa slowly cool and then for me there are two top choices for true winter sun – The Caribbean and The Indian Ocean. Both have pretty amazing weather all year round so are vitamin D topping paradises. They also both have a whole load of beautiful little boutique luxury hotels to stay in. Yippee. It’s impossible to pick a favourite – I’ve tried and I can’t I’m afraid –  but if you click here you’ll find some heavenly Indian Ocean hotels and here you’ll see the best of the charismatic Caribbean places to stay.


Serene Pavilions, Sri Lanka


The Sandpiper, Barbados


French Coco, Martinique

You may not be in the mood yet, like me you might be loving the red leaves, conkers, and winter coats. But trust me. In a week or two you’ll be back!

See you next week.

Melissa. x

Beach, pool, spa… St Barths

I was reading about a new hotel today and suddenly found myself sinking into my chair in a very relaxed and happy state.

This is odd, I thought. Why am I feeling so very chilled all of a sudden?

I looked back at the screen and suddenly it was clear. Three words: beach, pool, spa.

Beach – oh yes please. Pool – mmmm heaven. Spa – now you’re really spoiling me. While I’m all for some holidays that involve lots of sightseeing, adventure, and discovery, I am just as all for holidays during which these three magic words cover my entire itinerary. The hotel I was reading about was Le Barthelemy Hotel in the oh so glorious St Barths in the Caribbean and it looks like one of the best places ever to do almost nothing.

Just listen to a bit of what I was reading about the place and you’ll starting doing whatever I’ve been doing in my chair. The travel equivalent of salivating essentially!

“Exclusive spa and oceanfront infinity pool.”
“Suites feature private gardens, terraces and pools.”

How are you feeling? Yes I thought so. We all want to go now don’t we.

To make things even better this place is set beside a lagoon. Oh how I love lagoons. As you’ll see from the photos the hotel has decided to try to capture the mood of the island it sits upon in the décor with light and airy interiors. Which is another clever move as nobody likes staying in a room or drinking in a bar or eating in a restaurant that could be anywhere in the world. We want to feel like we’re somewhere, not anywhere.

My reading led me to discover that the recommended ways to spend ones time here include having a swim, drinking a cocktail at Le Turquoise beach bar, popping to the spa, or getting your hair styled. After all this strenuous activity reward yourself with some French food at Aux Amis restaurant. I think these all sound like wonderful ideas.

Of course you might head to Le Barthelemy and decide not to be quite as lazy as me. St Barths is a great island if you’re the type to look further than your eye line for things to do. Gustavia is rammed with chic art galleries, shops and bars. There are yachts galore if you fancy touring the island, fishing boats if that’s your bag, and an incredible coral reef circles the island if you like swimming while breathing through a tube.

le-barthelemy-1 le-barthelemy-2 le-barthelemy

Sounds glorious doesn’t it? I’m going to have to go to bed now and no doubt dream about my toes in that Caribbean sand. If you decide to go to this hotel let me know, I’d love to hear if it’s as amazing as it sounds!

See you next week.

Melissa. x

Once upon a time…

I’m a sucker for a good story. As a teenager when I was trying to fill my head with a million facts in preparation for an exam there were some bits of information that stuck and some that refused to take hold. The one’s I remembered when sat in those big halls writing against the clock were those told to me by teachers who taught with stories. History, for example, is not enjoyable if simplified down to a list of dates and occurrences. My teacher painted a picture for us, told us how the protagonists might have felt, what motivated them, the social and cultural backdrops and so on. It felt like we were there and as such I can still, to this day, tell you tales from the American Civil War. I’d imagine you probably don’t want to hear them though so I shan’t share.

However, this concept of a story is one that has always fascinated me. The best bits of my life to date, and no doubt the best bits to come, are stories that will stay with me forever. And many of those occurred while travelling to incredible places.

The Small Luxury Hotels Be a Storyteller month resonated with me for that reason. They are quite right to focus on storytelling and yet when most people talk about travel they don’t tend to talk in terms of stories. They’ll tell you how big the spa is, how many rooms there are, distance to the airport, what facilities are available. But that stuff, while important, isn’t at the heart of a holiday. At the heart is spending the night in a luxury tree hut overlooking the Thai jungle. At the heart is discovering the wildlife of Kenya while staying in a luxury tent. At the heart is the things we do, the tears we cry, the laughs we have, the awe that is inspired, and the moments that turn a flight and a hotel stay into something else. The power of the best hotels is that they put you in the perfect place to make a story happen.

SLH is spending this month recognising the power of a story and demonstrating how it, with the help of the people that work at 520 independent member hotels across the globe, can help you write them.

Here are some suggestions of places where your next story could come to life from club members who have already written theirs…

Terry says: “Don’t just stay in Rome – take a train or drive to Frascati in the hills! Find Piazza San Marco and eat the most wonderful Italian food. It’s simply stunning!”


Olav says: “You must go to Fish Works Restaurant on Swallow Street, which is just off Regent Street. It specialises in super fresh and delicious seafood and offers a fine wine list!”

Tiffany says: “On a warm Friday evening, take a walk below the Pont Neuf where you’ll find all the young Parisians gathered around outdoor picnic tables next to bars, and restaurants. It’s a great place to simply soak in the scene!”


Katie says: “Definitely stop by Kashkaval Garden on 9th between 55th and 56th for the most amazing atmosphere and fondue!”


SLH would love to hear more of your stories so please do share them! I’m off to have a story-free evening doing some laundry and watching a bit of television. Roll on my next holiday!

See you next week.

Melissa. x

I love badges – especially Michelin ones!

How do you all feel about badges? I’ve always been a fan. Ever since my first swim badge was sewn onto my swimsuit aged five, I’ve been addicted. Walking out into the pool area that day I felt 10 feet tall and everyone around me knew that I, Melissa, had conquered the 20 metre backstroke. They were envious and impressed, I could tell. I became addicted and quickly that swimsuit looked like a patchwork quilt of success. I think my obsession with badges and accolades comes from those early successful swimming days. I like to get them and I also look for them all over the place. Clearly I like seeing the SLH badge outside of hotels because it lets me know I’m in for a trustworthy holiday treat. Another favourite is the Michelin star. Even writing the word Michelin make me salivate more than is acceptable in public. Right now if you could see me you’d not be impressed. That little badge gets me very, very excited, perhaps too excited. So today I’m going to talk about how you can combine these two favourite badges of mine. An SLH badge on the front door, and a Michelin star outside the restaurant. Win win. Here are just a handful of places to stay for those of you who want to eat food that’s officially delicious!

Grand Hotel Villa Castagnola, Lugano, Switzerland
f you’re in Lugano and you want Michelin star food, I’m afraid this is the only place to go. Gallery Arte Al Lago is one of three restaurants at the hotel and the head chef specialises in lake fish and sea food. The restaurant is literally on the lake so one can assume the fish is fresh! And if the art on your plate isn’t enough you can also enjoy art on the walls between courses here.

Veršffentlichung nur gegen Honorar und Namensnennung

Les Sources de Caudalie, Bordeaux, France
Some of you might not be impressed by one Michelin star. But how about two? La Grand’Vigne restaurant and its chef Nicolas Masse are in the two club thanks to seasonal produce from the hotel garden, local farmers and the Atlantic. Expect lovely treats such as Aquitaine caviar, lobster and wild turbot. Yum. The frills here include the fact you are sat in a Bordeaux vineyard (so you can expect delicious wine with the meal) and the option of popping into the spa for some vinotherapy while digesting.

Les sources de caudalie

Palé Hall, Wales, UK

This place has literally opened today but we already know the food is going to be special. The rather well-known chef Michael Caine, who has won two stars elsewhere, is spearheading the restaurant at this north Wales hotel. Expect glorious surroundings and a stunning Grade II listed building that has been refurbished beyond former glories to become one of the country’s finest country houses.

pale hall 10

Hotel L’hôtel, Paris, France

Even for the non-French speakers among you, it shouldn’t be hard to work out what Le Restaurant is. But you might be surprised by what this Michelin-star spot looks like. Romantic doesn’t quite cover it. Think a beautiful fountain, cobbled terrace and a living wall… it’s the perfect spot to try head chef Julien Montbabut’s food. He uses classic techniques to create modern and fresh French food.

L'Hotel Afternoon Tea 2

St James’s Hotel and Club, London, UK

After just one year this hotels restaurant, Seven Park Place, won a Michelin star. All thanks to chef William Drabble who makes French dishes with British ingredients such as poached native lobster tail. With only 26 covers this is one of the smallest Michelin-star restaurants in London.

St James (2)

Althoff Villa Belrose, St Tropez, France
I realise this is a food related post but Le Belrose restaurant has more than 500 French wines on offer. 500! This makes it one of the largest collections in the region so thank goodness head sommelier Arthur Chabidon is there to keep an eye on them all. So the wine is French, the views across St Tropez are very French, but the chef, Pietro Volonte, is Italian and as such serves inventive Mediterranean food.

PHotography communication PACA Cannes Nice Monaco

I’m salivating so much now I could really do with a bib! So I’d better go eat something delicious… St James’ Hotel is just around the corner so I’m off to beg for one of those 26 spots!

See you next week

Melissa. x

Bank Holiday Heaven

As usual, I have to talk to you from the perspective of a Londoner. It’s difficult not to, really, as that is what I am. I’m hoping that you’ll agree with me on what I’m going to talk about this week.

The topic is bank holidays. I don’t actually even know which countries have these and which don’t, and I can’t be sure why they are called bank holidays. I’m tempted to Google it but I worry that I’ve asked the search engine too many stupid questions now and soon I’ll be on a list somewhere at the Google headquarters that all the staff stand around and laugh at.

So, here’s how it works. Everyone in England gets Monday off next week, creating a three-day weekend. It’s just one extra day, no big deal. Except it is a big deal! It’s almost more exciting than a week long holiday. Because everyone is off work, especially office workers. Sunday night will come and it will go and then it will be Monday and we’ll all still be chilling out somewhere having a great time. Not until Tuesday will we drag ourselves back into the office and the distance between Friday night and Tuesday morning is so vast most of us will be convinced that the day will never actually come. And if it does come, no biggie, four days of work and we’ll be back in the weekend again!

By Monday the excitement was building and now it’s at fever levels. Although it’s amazing how many people have been so excited they entirely forgot to organise something to do! If you are one of those people, fear not. There is still plenty of time to set off on an adventure with nothing but a holdall by your side and a smile on your face.

Three days is not long enough to journey too far from home so I would recommend somewhere within driving distance or a short flight. My personal method, although I do understand that not all of you will still have your maths pencil case from two decades ago, is to get out a paper map and a compass (the kind that draws circles, not the kind that tells you where north is). Place the pin end in your house and then draw a circle. Quite a small one since it’s a three day trip and then see what’s inside. As a Londoner, it’s amazing how close some places you think should be far away are. Belgium, for example, can be reached within an hour after stepping off the ferry in Calais. You could finish work and be in Amsterdam or Paris in time for a light snack and bed. Or England itself has some gorgeous countryside to explore that’s no more than a motorway and a couple of A roads away.

If you do have Monday off and haven’t sorted something out it’s now time to get the map out and have a look. I can almost guarantee there will be a beautiful little hotel within reach of you wherever you are – that’s the beauty of SLH being made up of more than 520 luxury hotels in over 80 countries.

If you’ve already chosen somewhere to go or are now making a plan I’d love to hear what you’re up to!

See you next week

Melissa. x

Could summer holidays be the greatest of them all?

I don’t have children yet so you might think that school summer holidays mean very little in my life. But there’s something about July and August that puts everyone in the travel mind set. Those endless long weeks as a youngster when the next school year seemed a thousand years away provide lifelong nostalgic smiles. The memories made at those times are the ones that really stick with you – they have certainly stuck with me.

So for me a summer holiday is an absolute must and I love to surround myself in the joyous (and youthful!) energy of my nephews and nieces. No matter how excited I get about something, I simply don’t have the same capacity for wonder and amazement as an eight year old. So to watch them try snorkelling or sailing for the first time, tasting new foods, making new friends, and so on, is as joyous to behold as a puppy at Christmas time.

I’m told by those in-the-know that when it comes to family holidays with children the most important thing is that the little ones enjoy themselves. If they are bored, you’re in trouble! If they’re not then adult fun flows like wine (and the wine flows too!) So the advice is to head to a hotel that understands children in a location that is likely to entertain them. Personally, all I needed was a beach, a mask and a snorkel, but I suppose I wouldn’t have complained if there were a tennis court or a beautiful pool. I’m sure my parents would have loved an all-inclusive hotel so that I could order (and fail to finish) endless drinks and ice-creams. We also went on a safari once which has to be one of the most extraordinary experiences a child can have. The first time anyone sees a giraffe or a lion in the wild is life-changing. For me, as a seven year old, it provided a level of excitement that rendered me speechless with tears of joy pouring down my cheeks.  I also don’t think parents need fear a cultural holiday just because they have the little ones with them. My nephews and nieces seem to find exploring a city and stopping in café-lined squares to watch the world go by just as much fun as I do. Granted the sorbet bill tends to be substantial but I’ve been surprised by their interest in everything from history to architecture to local customs. I was certainly guilty of underestimating them!

This summer we’ve decided, after much discussion, to head for the beach for a family holiday. It was hard to choose one hotel as there are so many great family ones so we put our shortlist into a hat and pulled out the winner. Which is… drumroll please…

Cape Sounio Exclusive Resort in Sounio, Greece. We’re all very pleased with fate’s decision. I love that it has view of the Temple of Poseidon. My sister likes that there are villas with private pools at the hotel. Henry is already investigating the yacht that’s available to hire and the children have spotted that there are not one but two beaches.

cape sounio

cape sounio 1

cape sounio 2

A spa, a good choice of restaurants, a national park, golf courses nearby… this is family fun fabulous. Of course there are loads of others to choose from so have a look here for ideas.

Where are you headed on your summer holiday? I’d love to know!

Melissa. x

Be Generous AND Win a Holiday

My hips have had a very difficult week. My stomach and taste buds on the other hand have had the best time ever. At work this week everyone has been baking cakes as if cake prohibition is about to kick in shortly. Ordinarily when a cake arrives in the office I’m pretty well behaved, but this week the cake supply has been constant. With almost everyone in the office churning delicious things out day after day there’s been an unavoidable excess lying around at all times. Difficult. Even more difficult because these cakes are the most dangerous of all the baked temptations on the planet – charity cakes. ‘Eat me and help the world,’ say the cakes. ‘Ok in that case I will eat you,’ says me. And yet I feel super duper. The bake sale raised a lot of money, we’ve had lots of delicious things free of the usual guilt – win win! Working with charities in a fun fashion is undeniably marvellous. Being generous with time and money is marvellous. And while we are on the topic of marvellous things… giving away a free holiday is very very marvellous indeed. Feel like winning one? Good, in that case you have come to the right place. To celebrate its Be Generous month, Small Luxury Hotels of the World is giving away four 2-night stays at any of its hotels. Very kind indeed, but then generosity is not out of character for this lot. You’ll never hear them make a fuss about it but generosity has been at the heart of the brand since inception with more than £3 million raised and shared between 150 charities since 2013. Impressive numbers – I’m hoping for the sake of the staff that that wasn’t all cake related fundraising. If you want to win one of the stays and you’re a member simply click here and get started. If you’re not a member don’t worry, signing up is easy peasy here.

And if you’re feeling generous with your time and want to get into the Be Generous spirit I’d love a couple more minutes of your time please… have a quick read about some of the great charities SLH works with.

The Prince’s Trust assists young people into jobs, education and training, providing much-needed support to help those struggling get to where they want to be.

The NSPCC works tirelessly to prevent child abuse, helping to create a world where all children are safe.

Cancer Research UK funds scientists, doctors and nurses to help beat cancer sooner, as well as providing the general public with much-needed information on different types of cancer.


Great Ormond Street Hospital charity focuses on raising money to enable the hospital to continue to provide the very best care for its young patients and their families.

See you next week.

Melissa. x

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